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HP LaserJet P3005 Printer Series - Replace the Firmware

To view a video demonstrating the procedure for removing the part click here to access the Services Media Library (www.hp.com/go/sml). Select Printers and Multifunction under the Product category, select HP Color LaserJet Printers under the Product family, and then select the printer model under the product series category.

Upgrade the firmware

The device has remote firmware update (RFU) capability. Use the information in this section to upgrade the device firmware. The overall process involves the following steps:
  1. Determine the current level of firmware that is installed on the device.
  2. Go to the HP Web site and find out whether a firmware update is available. If an update is available, download the latest firmware to your computer.
  3. Transfer the new firmware from your computer to the device.

Determine the current firmware version

  1. Print a configuration page.
  2. Locate the Firmware Datecode entry in the Printer Information section. The firmware datecode has this format: YYYYMMDD XX.XXX.X. The first string of numbers is the date, where YYYY represents the year, MM represents the month, and DD represents the date. For example, a firmware datecode of that begins with 20040225 represents February 25, 2004.

Download the new firmware from the HP Web site

To find the most recent firmware upgrade, go to www.hp.com/go/LJP3005_software. This page provides instructions for downloading the new firmware version.

Transfer the new firmware to the device

Use one of the following methods to update the firmware.

Use FTP to upgrade the firmware on a network connection

  1. Take note of the IP address on the HP Jetdirect page. The HP Jetdirect page is the second page that prints when you print the configuration page.
    Before upgrading the firmware, make sure that the device is not in Sleep mode. Also make sure that any error messages are cleared from the control-panel display.
  2. Open an MS-DOS command prompt on your computer.
  3. Type: ftp <TCP/IP ADDRESS>. For example, if the TCP/IP address is, type ftp
  4. Press Enter on the keyboard.
  5. When prompted for the user name, press Enter.
  6. When prompted for the password, press Enter.
  7. Type bin at the command prompt.
  8. Press Enter. The message 200 Types set to I, Using binary mode to transfer files appears in the command window.
  9. Type put <filename> where <filename> is the name of the .RFU file that was downloaded from the Web, including the path. For example, type put C:\LJ\P3005FW.RFU, and then press Enter.
    If the file name or path includes a space, enclose the file name or path in quotation marks. For example, type put C:\MY DOCUMENTS\LJ\P3005FW.RFU.
    The following series of messages appears in the command window:
    • 200 PORT command successful
    • 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection
    • 226 Ready
    • 226 Processing Job
    • 226 Transfer complete
    Then, a message that contains the transfer-speed information appears.
  10. The download process begins and the firmware is updated on the device. This can take approximately five minutes. Let the process finish without further interaction with the device or computer.
    The device automatically turns off and then on again after processing the upgrade.
  11. At the command prompt, type: bye to exit the FTP command.
  12. At the command prompt, type: exit to return to the Windows interface.
    The device can receive an .RFU file update as long as it is in a Ready state.
The elapsed time for an update depends on the I/O transfer time, as well as the time that it takes for the device to reinitialize. The I/O transfer time depends on a number of things, including the speed of the host computer that is sending the update. If the remote firmware update process is interrupted before the firmware is downloaded (while Receiving Upgrade appears on the control-panel display), the firmware file must be sent again. If power is lost during the flash DIMM update (while the Performing Upgrade message appears on the control-panel display), the update is interrupted and the message Resend Upgrade appears (in English only) on the control-panel display. In this case, you must send the upgrade by using the parallel port. Finally, any jobs that are ahead of the RFU job in the queue are completed before the update is processed.

Use HP Web Jetadmin to upgrade the firmware

This procedure requires that you install HP Web Jetadmin Version 7.0 or later on the computer.
  1. Start HP Web Jetadmin.
  2. Open the Device Management folder in the drop-down list in the Navigation panel. Navigate to the Device Lists folder.
  3. Expand the Device Lists folder and select All Devices. Locate the device in the list, and then click to select it.
    If you need to upgrade the firmware for multiple devices, select all of them by pressing the Ctrl key as you click the name of each device.
  4. Locate the drop-down box for Device Tools in the upper-right corner of the window. Select Update Printer Firmware from the action list.
  5. If the name of the .RFU file is not listed in the All Available Images box, click Browse in the Upload New Firmware Image dialog box and navigate to the location of the .RFU file that you downloaded from the Web. If the filename is listed, select it.
  6. Click Upload to move the .RFU file from the computer hard drive to the HP Web Jetadmin server. After the upload is complete, the browser window refreshes.
  7. Select the .RFU file from the Printer Firmware Update drop-down menu.
  8. Click Update Firmware. HP Web Jetadmin sends the selected .RFU file to the device. The control panel shows messages that indicate the progress of the upgrade. At the end of the upgrade process, the control panel shows the Ready message.

Use MS-DOS commands to upgrade the firmware

  1. Open a command prompt or an MS-DOS window, and then type the following: copy /B <FILENAME> \\<COMPUTERNAME>\<SHARENAME>, where <FILENAME> is the name of the .RFU file (including the path), <COMPUTERNAME> is the name of the computer from which the device is being shared, and <SHARENAME> is the device share name. For example: C: \>copy /b C:\P3005FW.RFU \\YOUR_SERVER\YOUR_COMPUTER.
    If the file name or path includes a space, enclose the file name or path in quotation marks. For example, type: C:\>copy /b "C:\MY DOCUMENTS\P3005FW.RFU" \ \YOUR_SERVER\YOUR_COMPUTER.
  2. Press Enter on the keyboard. The control panel shows a message that indicates the progress of the firmware upgrade. At the end of the upgrade process, the control panel shows the Ready message . The message 1 file(s) copied appears on the computer screen.

Upgrade the HP Jetdirect firmware

The HP Jetdirect network interface in the device has firmware that can be upgraded separately from the device firmware. This procedure requires that you install HP Web Jetadmin Version 7.0 or later on the computer. Complete the following steps to update the HP Jetdirect firmware by using HP Web Jetadmin.
  1. Open the HP Web Jetadmin program.
  2. Open the Device Management folder in the drop-down list in the Navigation panel. Navigate to the Device Lists folder.
  3. Select the device that you want to update.
  4. In the Device Tools drop-down list, select Jetdirect Firmware Update.
  5. Under Jetdirect firmware version, the HP Jetdirect model number and current firmware version are listed. Make a note of these.
  6. Scroll down to the list of HP Jetdirect model numbers and find the model number you wrote down.
  7. Look at the current firmware version for the model, and see if it is later than the version you wrote down. If it is, right-click on the firmware link, and follow the instructions on the Web page to download the new firmware file. The file must be saved into the <drive>:\PROGRAM FILES\HP WEB JETADMIN\DOC\PLUGINS\HPWJA\FIRMWARE\JETDIRECT folder on the computer that is running the HP Web Jetadmin software.
  8. In HP Web Jetadmin, return to the main device list and select the device again.
  9. In the Device Tools drop-down list, select Jetdirect Firmware Update again.
  10. On the HP Jetdirect firmware page, the new firmware version is listed under Jetdirect Firmware Available on HP Web Jetadmin. Click the Update Firmware Now button to update the Jetdirect firmware.

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