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HP Notebook PCs - Using the HP MediaSmart Software Watch a DVD Feature

This document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with Windows 7.
HP MediaSmart software, installed on many HP notebook PCs shipped with Windows 7, allows you to turn your computer into a mobile entertainment center. Use the HP MediaSmart DVD interface to do the following:

Get the latest version of MediaSmart Music/Video/Picture (MVP)

MediaSmart MVP software is pre-installed on some notebook models delivered with Windows 7 and is available for installation on notebooks that were upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 using the HP Windows Update program.
To download the MediaSmart software, go to the Software & Driver download web page. Enter the model or product number, and then select the installed operating system.
MediaSmart Music Video Picture (MVP) is part of a suite of MediaSmart programs you may wish to download and install all of the appropriate MediaSmart modules. Alternately, you can download the current MediaSmart MVP module.

Launch MediaSmart Software DVD feature

To open the MediaSmart software DVD features, double-click the MediaSmart icon on the desktop and then select the DVD icon from the MediaSmart task bar.
You will be prompted to insert your DVD into your computer. You may also be prompted to change your region. The correct region appropriate for your DVD is automatically detected and then click Change.
The movie begins to play immediately. If it does not, click the play button .
A task bar appears when you roll your mouse over the bottom of the movie screen. The task bar options allow you to do the following.
  • Adjust settings
  • Eject disk
  • Return to DVD Menu
  • Add a bookmark
  • Rewind
  • Pause
  • Fast forward
  • Adjust volume settings

Adjust DVD viewing settings

HP MediaSmart DVD feature makes it easy to customize your DVD viewing experience in different ways. To manually adjust the settings, click the Settings button and on the Settings window, click the settings you would like to change.
  • Video - Add and change the language for subtitles, closed caption and turn auto resume off or on when you return to your computer after a period of time.
  • Audio - Change the settings fro the speaker output, dynamic range compression, audio boost, and language.
  • Advanced - Improve the clarity and smoothness of high-definition movies on your screen.
  • Update - Select updates from the listing to install and then click Download to make sure you have the best movie watching experience.

Watch DVDs movies in high-definition

HP MediaSmart DVD feature makes it easy to improve the video clarity and smoothness of DVD movies . While you can have the Auto Adjustment of the settings enabled, you can also disable the Auto Adjustments and adjust the settings manually.
To manually adjust the settings, click the Settings button and on the Settings window, click Advanced. Under Auto Adjustment, click Disable to manually enable or disable your clarity settings using any of the listed categories.
  • Smooth Motion
  • Video Upscaling
  • Smart Stretch
  • True Lighting
After you complete your adjustments, click Apply. You can see the difference your changes made as you watch your movie.

Bookmark your favorite scenes

The HP MediaSmart DVD feature makes it easier to save and watch your favorite movie scenes. For example, if you are a teacher who wants to use a scene from a movie as part of your lesson, you can immediately find the scene you bookmarked right when you put the DVD in. Once you’ve bookmarked all your favorites, you can jump right to those scenes any time you pop the DVD into your HP PC. You can also edit your bookmarked scenes, rename or delete them at any time.
To bookmark your favorite scenes, follow these steps.
  1. Roll the mouse at the bottom of the screen the movie is displayed.
  2. Click the area you would like the movie to begin and then click the add a bookmark button .
  3. Enter the name of your bookmark in the text field and then click Done.
The new bookmark is added to your movie for future reference and can be viewed on the bookmark bar. If you do not want to use the icon again, you can delete the icon. Click the bookmark and clicking the remove a bookmark button . The bookmark no longer displays.






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