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HP Desktop PCs - Using LightScribe Template Labeler to Label Your Discs

This information applies to HP desktop computers with a LightScribe-enabled optical drive and LightScribe Template Labeler software.
LightScribe Template Labeler is a labeling application that uses pre-designed templates to quickly and easily create disc labels. The LightScribe Template Labeler software comes on many computers with a LightScribe drive. If you have a LightScribe drive, but do not have the LightScribe Template Labeler software, you can download it from the LightScribe web site.
Make sure you have special LightScribe CDs or DVDs. Light Scribe works when the hardware interacts with the special coating on the LightScribe discs. LightScribe discs are available in many colors. To have a colored disc background, you must use a colored disc.
Figure : Discs labeled using the LightScribe process
LightScribe discs
Hewlett-Packard's LightScribe website is no longer active. LightScribe software and disc utilities may be found on a number of public websites. Search the Internet for LightScribe to find these pages.
Use the following steps to pick a template design, add text or pictures, and then preview and print (burn) your disc label.
You must have LightScribe media and a LightScribe-enabled optical drive on the computer.
You can burn the label onto the disc either before or after you put the disc content, for example, movies, music, or photos, on the disc.
  1. To open the LightScribe Template Labeler, click Start , All Programs, LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling, and then click LightScribe Template Labeler.
  2. Choose a template from the left pane. The chosen template appears in the main window.
    Figure : Choosing a template
    Choosing a template
  3. If your template includes a place for text, click the Click to add text placeholder in the template. The left pane changes to let you modify text settings.
  4. In the Set Text box, type the text you want to appear on the label. As you type, the text displays in the text box.
    Change font and alignment settings as desired. If the template includes additional text, repeat as needed.
    Figure : Adding text
    Adding text
  5. To add an image, click the Click to add image placeholder in the template.
    Figure : Adding an image
    Adding an image
  6. In the Select Image box, click Open.
    Browse to the image you want to add, click it, and then click Open.
    In the left pane, change zoom, position, and orientation settings as desired. If the template includes additional images, repeat as needed.
    Figure : Selecting an image
    Selecting an image
  7. To save your label design, click Save.
  8. Click Preview and Print, and select your disc color to view your design.
    Figure : Previewing your design
    Previewing your design
  9. If you want to make changes, click Cancel and make any necessary changes.
  10. When ready to print, set the Contrast Level, and click Print.
  11. When prompted, insert a LightScribe disc into the drive with the label side down, and click OK.
    Figure : Inserting a disc
    Inserting a disc
    The software estimates the time required to burn the label and displays the progress. The print time duration depends on the complexity and quality of the label.
    Figure : Burning the label
    Burning the label
    You do not need to stay at the computer during the burning process. A LightScribe computer system will not go into sleep or power-save mode while it is burning a label.
  12. When done burning, the disc automatically ejects from the drive.
    Click OK to close the progress window.
    If you decide to add more content to a label you have already burned, the labeler software aligns the new content with the existing titles and images.






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