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HP Designjet T1120 MFP Product Series - Image Adjustments

Image Adjustments

You can make image adjustments while previewing. Your adjustments will be directly applied to the preview so you can evaluate the effects on your screen before committing the job to file or print.
To make and preview image adjustments:
  1. Make your settings.
  2. Press the OK button when done.
  3. The adjustments dialog will close and you can view the effects of your adjustments in the preview image. The effects of the image adjustment settings are applied and displayed on the low resolution preview and hence do not fully represent the the final image in the destination file or printed copy.
The effects of the image adjustment settings are applied and displayed on the low resolution preview and hence do not fully represent the the final image in the destination file or printed copy.
The image adjustment settings available in the list will depend on the current Original Type setting. One or more of the following image adjustment settings are available:
The Brightness setting lightens or darkens the image. It is often used to lighten reproductions that have become darker than their original. You can use the Brightness option to make the output lighter or darker and compensate for dull or faded originals. Values above zero make the image lighter and values below zero darker.
Bckg. (Background) clean
You can use Background clean when scanning originals that have a background that is not completely white and you want your background to appear as pure white. You can achieve this by increasing the background cleaning value. Background clean should be used with caution. Some of the other light colors can also be affected by changing the Background clean value. Use the Auto option to let the application determine the background cleaning value based on the colors in the original.
Enhance gray
Set this option to to reduce the saturation of colors on images that originate from low saturated color originals. The Enhance gray option stabilizes colors close to gray. If you see saturation and discoloring problems in your output, apply the Enhance Gray function to see if it helps stabilize color output.
Select the Enhance gray checkbox to apply the function. Applying and disabling the function works as follows:
  • When Enhance gray is applied, the program will reduce color saturation on low saturated color data. For example, typical unwanted discoloring on very weak tints will be neutralized while high and normal saturated colors will remain intact.
  • Disabling the Enhance gray option will switch off the neutralizing effect. A typical example for wanting to disable the Enhance gray function is when working with images with pastel colors which are generally low saturated.
To give your output sharper lines. The Sharpen feature identifies edges in the image and intensifies them. Increase the value to intensify the sharpen effect.
The Contrast setting changes the amount of shading between areas. You can use Contrast together with Brightness to make colors appear more saturated or make the image stand more or less out.
Enhance Black
The Enhance Black setting is used to change dark grayscale colors to true black. For example, if you are copying a brochure with a mixture of text and pictures, the text will often be digitized to a color that we may see as black but really is a dark grayscale. When the printer digests this grayscale data, it will print the original's text with a halftone pattern, meaning scattered dots instead of solid black. By increasing the Enhance Black value, you can get the text to be copied in real black and it will therefore appear clearer. Use the Enhance Black option with caution, because it can change other dark colors (not only grays) into black making small dark spots appear in the picture.






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