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HP Designjet 9000s and 10000s Series Printers - System Error 1160


System error 1160 may occur on HP Designjet 9000s and 10000s Series Printers when the Wiper Sensor Switch is dirty. When the printer is idle, the contacts may stick together. Steps to resolve this issue are simple and may be done by any user online with HP Low-Solvent Printer Technical Support.


Users can access the Wiper Sensor Contacts to clean them by following these steps:
  1. The first step with any system error is to see if it recurs after power cycling. So power the printer off using the front panel standby button. When the front panel powers off, next go to the main power cutoff switch, located near the power cord and switch that off. After a few seconds, switch the power on and watch the behavior of the wipers. If you observe the wipers turn over and over without stopping for several cycles and then the system error comes back, it is likely that the Wiper Sensor Switch is stuck closed.
  2. If the error did not return after step 1, test further by selecting the Wiper Cleaning option, using the front panel PRINTHEAD MAIN menu. If the error does not return, it was likely an intermittent error. If the error 1160 DOES recur, do the next step.
    Wear low-solvent protective gloves and eye protection for the next steps.
    For this process, users will need the following:
    • Wiper Cleaning Swabs
    • Electronics Cleaning Fluid or Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Compressed Air
  3. With the carriage in its normal idle position (over the Capping Station), power the printer off. Open the top cover and wiper cover. Locate and peel off the sensor cover (see Figure 1). This cover is typically black plastic, held on by an adhesive backing and is located between the Wiper Station and the Print Platen.
    Figure 1
  4. Under the sensor cover you will find the Sensor Contacts. Viewing through the sensor cover opening, turning the Wiper Mechanism by hand, you will see a bump on the Wiper Belt that pushes a small hook-shaped arm to the left as the wipers turn over. This arm presses the Sensor Contacts together once each time the wipers rotate. If you find the contacts are stuck together, you may want to gently clean the end of the Sensor Contacts with a cleaning swab (soaked with electronics cleaning fluid or isopropyl alcohol). See Figures 2 and 3.
    Figure 2 - Pointing to the Sensor Contacts
    Figure 3 - Closeup - Arrow points where to clean between contacts
  5. Next, you must dry the Sensor Contacts. You may use compressed air or a paper towel (gently) for this.
  6. Test the printer by powering on; the printer will cycle the wipers during initialization. You may want to again run the Wiper Cleaning option, using the front panel PRINTHEAD MAIN menu. If the error 1160 recurs, there may be an issue with the wiper sensor, the wiper sensor cable, or other components. See the product Service Manual, chapter 2, for additional information.