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HP Designjet T1100 and T1120 MFP Series Products - Scanner Operator Panel and Lights

Scanner operator panel and lights

The scanner's operator panel is divided into 2 main areas:Scanner operator panel
  • Scanner control area with the power button and its power indicator light, wait light, and diagnostics light.
  • Paper control area with the paper ready light, Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control button, and 2 paper feed (arrow) buttons.
Below are the panel's different light patterns and what they indicate regarding scanner operation.
Scanner control area
Turn the scanner power on – First Time – Hard Power onPower on button
At back of the scanner, plug in the power cable and flip the outlet switch on. The scanner starts the self-test procedure which starts with the Init Sequence.
Init Sequence (startup phase 1)Init Sequence lights phase 1
When you invoke Hard Power On by turning scanner power on from the outlet at the back, the scanner runs it's initialization sequence. All the LEDs are lighted as shown above.
Panel input is disabled and you cannot begin scanning.
When you power up through Soft Power On, by pressing the power key (from red to green) this initialization sequence is skipped and the scanner goes directly to Self-Adjustment (startup-phase 3) as described below.
End of Init sequence (startup – phase 2)Init Sequence lights phase 2
Towards the end of Init Sequence, the Power LED will change to green while the other LEDs remain unchanged (lighted) as shown above. From here the scanner moves on to Self Adjustment (startup phase 3).
Soft Power ON and OFF- Turn power ON/OFF with power key –normal use (with outlet switch always ON)Power offPower on
With the outlet switch always on, use the Operator’s panel Power key to control scanner power. Hold down on the power key to toggle power off/on. This is called Soft Power OFF/ON mode.
The power LED lights green when the scanner is on and red when power is OFF. When you turn the scanner on in this manner, it starts in Self-Adjustment mode (startup phase 3) as described below.
When in the power off/on mode, the scanner can automatically be powered up and down by WIDEsystem’s timer.
Self-Adjustment (startup –phase 3)Init Sequence lights phase 3
If you used Hard Power On at completion of the Init Sequence, the power LED (green), and the Wait LED (yellow) remain lighted while the others LEDs turn off. This indicates that the scanner is running its Self-Adjustment of light profiles, stitching and black/white points.
If you used Soft Power On, the power LED turns to green and the Wait LED is turns on yellow while others LEDs are off. This indicates that the scanner is running its Self-Adjustment with warm-up and adjustment of light profiles, stitching and black/white points.
To maintain optimal conditions, the scanner runs new self-adjustment procedures periodically during the day (without lighting the wait LED). If the Wait indicator flashes, the scanner needs to run self-adjustment but cannot (see below).
Scanner Ready (startup – phase 4)Init Sequence lights phase 4
When the Wait LED turns off, and only the Power LED is on and lights green, self-adjustment is completed and the scanner is ready to scan.
Green Power LED flashingPower light flashing
The green power LED will flash just before the scanner automatically powers off because its defined power off time (in WIDEsystem) has been reached.
If you are using the scanner and want to cancel power down, press the power key until the LED stops blinking.
You can at any time disable or change timer settings in WIDEsystem.
Wait LED Flashes - Self-Adjustment required but not possible.
If the Wait LED flashes (and the Diagnostics LED is off) the scanner needs to run Self-Adjustment but cannot. Self-Adjustment is necessary for maintaining optimal and stabile internal conditions.
To solve this, any original in the scanner should be removed, and the insertion slot must be set to the normal position (i.e., not a thick media setting). When Self-Adjustment is again possible, the Wait LED stops flashing, but continues to be on until Self-Adjustment is completed. The scanner should be left alone while Self-adjustment is running.
During Calibration – Wait LED lightsWait light flashing
This is normal. The Wait LED is on during Calibration to indicate that the original should not be removed or moved during the Calibration procedure. All panel input is prevented during basic calibration.
Diagnostics LED Flashes – Error detected during Self-TestError light flashing
The Diagnostics LED shows the scanner’s Self-Test result status. An unlit Diagnostics LED means that the scanner’s Self-Test procedures encountered no errors.
If the Diagnostics LED flashes, an error was discovered during Self-Test. Open WIDEsystem (Setup tab > Options > System > WIDEsystem) and select the Status tab to view additional information about the error.
Both Diagnostic LED and Wait LED Flash – Maintenance neededMaintenance lights flashing
If the Diagnostic and the Wait LEDs continue to flash after scanner maintenance, there may be camera position errors that require professional technical service.
Simultaneous flashing by both the Diagnostic LED and the Wait LED may mean that the scanning area needs cleaning and the cameras calibrated. See how do I... maintenance procedures. If the Diagnostic and the Wait LEDs continue to flash after scanner maintenance, there may be camera position errors that require professional technical service.
Paper control area
Paper Forward and Paper Reverse KeysForward and reverse buttons
The Paper Forward Key moves the drawing into the start-scan position for manual loading.
If Auto-Load is applied, loading will occur automatically (without pressing the key) when the original enters the insertion slot.
Pressing the Paper Forward Key during scanning will stop the scanning process and feed the original through the scanner while the key is held down. The Paper Reverse Key stops the current scanning process and reverses the original. The original will be fed backwards through the scanner while the key is held down.
When the scanner is in Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control (ATAC) mode the paper forward and paper reverse keys become “pressure-platen up” and “pressure-platen Down” keys (see below).
Paper Ready LED Green - Ready for Normal mediaReady for normal media LED
The Paper Ready LED lights green when normal thin media is positioned correctly in the insertion slot and stays green when the media is moved to the start-scan position.
From there, scanning can be controlled from the computer.
Paper Ready LED Flashes Yellow – Scanner is in ATAC modeScanner is in ATAC mode LED
When you press the ATAC key , you set the scanner in Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control (ATAC) mode. The Paper Ready Key flashes yellow to indicate ATAC mode.
The Paper Forward and Paper Reverse keys become “Pressure-platen Up” and “Pressure-platen Down” keys.Pressure-platen Up and Pressure-platen Down
Paper Ready LED Yellow - Ready for Thick mediaReady for thick media LED
The Paper Ready LED lights yellow when the scanner is ready to scan thick media. The pressure-platen has been lowered and the media is positioned correctly in the scanner. The scanner goes automatically out of ATAC mode. The Paper Forward and Paper Reverse keys resume their normal functionality so you can move the thick original forwards and backwards in the scanner. Copying can be started from the panel.
Paper Ready LED Flashes – (green or yellow) – Media is being scannedMedia ready for scanning LED
The Paper Ready LED blinks during scanning.
On completion of the scan, the Paper Ready LED will stop blinking. Scanning can then be repeated from the computer or terminated by ejecting the media from the scanner.
The above behavior applies for both thin media scanning (green blinking) and thick media scanning (yellow blinking).
Paper Ready LED Red – No Thick media detectedNo thick media detected LED
The paper ready indicator will light red if the pressure-platen is in a thick media setting (a raised pressure-platen) but no media is detected in the scanner.






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