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HP Printers - Error messages on HP Smart when printer setup or printing on a wireless network due to router isolation feature

Learn how to resolve error messages displayed on the HP Smart app or a device when printing or setting up a printer connected to a router on a wireless network.


A printer connected to a router with the AP isolation setting enabled might experience the following issues when attempting to complete the printer setup, or Wi-Fi setup. or print:

  • After installing the printer software (HP Easy Start, for example), the Ethernet or wireless-connected printer set up is not detected or listed on the HP Smart app and an error message displays on the software.

  • An error message displays on the HP Smart app when attempting a Wi-Fi connection between a device (mobile device or laptop) and a printer.

  • When attempting to set up a Wi-Fi connection or print on a device, an error message might display on the device.


Some routers have an isolation setting enabled that prevents devices from communicating with each other on the local network. This setting name will vary depending on the router model. The most common names for this setting are Client Isolation, AP Isolation, or Wireless Isolation. When this setting is enabled, it might prevent printers from setting up correctly on a wireless network.

Applicable printers

This issue applies to consumer, enterprise, and small business printers on a local network.

Requirements when setting up a printer

Make sure to follow these guidelines when preparing printer setup.

  1. Position the computer running the printer software (HP Easy Start, for example) near your printer. Ensure that the printer and computer are near the router.

  2. Make sure that the printer, router, and computer are on.

  3. Confirm that the computer and printer are connected to the same network.

Resolve error messages when setting up a Wi-Fi connection or printing

Use one of the following solutions to complete the set up process and print.