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HP LaserJet Professional M1130/M1210 MFP - Interpret control-panel light patterns (M1130 Series only)

Interpret control-panel light patterns (M1130 Series only)

If the product requires attention, an error code appears on the control-panel display.
Status-light legend
Symbol for "light off"
Symbol for "light on"
Symbol for "light blinking"
Control-panel light patterns
Light status
Error code
State of the product
All lights are off.
The product is turned off.
Press the power button to turn on the product.
Ready and attention lights blink.
The status lights cycle during the formatter initialization period or when the product is processing a cleaning page.
No action is required. Wait for the initialization period to end. The product should enter the ready state when the initialization period is finished.
Ready light is on.
The product is in the ready state.
No action is required. The product is ready to receive a print job.
Ready light is blinking.
The product is receiving or processing data.
No action is required. The product is receiving or processing a print job.
Ready light is blinking slowly.
The product is in low power mode.
No action is required.
Attention light is blinking.
Paper is jammed in the product.
Clear the jam.
The input tray is empty.
Load the tray.
A door is open
Verify that the print-cartridge door is fully closed.
The product memory is full
The job is too complex for the product to print. Simplify the job, or divide it into multiple files.
The product did not pick up paper from the tray.
You might need to clean or replace the pickup roller.
The product is in manual-feed mode.
Load the correct paper type and size into the input tray.
The product is processing a manual duplex job.
Load the pages into the input tray to print the second sides.
The attention and toner lights are blinking.
The print cartridge is missing or is not installed correctly.
Install the print cartridge.
The toner light is on.
The print cartridge has reached the end of its estimated useful life. When the supply has reached this condition, the HP Premium Protection warranty for that supply has ended.
You do not need to replace the print cartridge at this time unless print quality is no longer acceptable.
Attention light is blinking, and ready light is on.
The product has experienced a continual error from which it will recover on its own.
If the recovery is successful, the product continues to the processing data state and completes the job.
If the recovery is unsuccessful, the product continues to the continuable error state. Try removing any media from the media path and turning the product power off, and then on again.
The attention and ready lights are on.
The product has experienced a fatal error from which it cannot recover.
  1. Turn off the product or disconnect the power cord from the product.
  2. Wait three minutes, and then turn on the product or reconnect the power cord to the product.
  3. Wait for the product to initialize.
If the error persists, contact HP customer support.