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HP FutureSmart - Backup or restore the device configuration before updating the firmware

Learn how to back up device configuration before, or restore a device configuration after, updating the firmware on an HP Enterprise or HP Managed printer running HP FutureSmart 4 or 5.

HP FutureSmart - Backup the device configuration

Use one of the following methods to back up the device configuration.

Restore the device configuration

Learn how to restore the device configuration using the Embedded Web Server (EWS).

After a backup has been created, it can be used to rollback the firmware version and restore the previous configuration on the same device. The restore can only be performed on the same version of firmware on which the backup was made, and the printer model and print speed of the printer on which it was created.

The restore will automatically occur when the firmware downgrade is performed on the same device in which the back up was created for the same version of firmware from which the backup was initiated. For example:

FutureSmart Bundle Version 4.7 [backup made] >>>> Upgrade to FutureSmart Bundle Version 4.9 >>>> Downgrade back to FutureSmart Bundle Version 4.7 [Backuprestored]... The Backup would not be restored to 4.5.

Device configurations that will be restored include Email, Fax, Quick Sets and Address Books.

The following configurations will not be restored and must be re-configured:

  • The Administrator Password

  • Stored Copy and Print Jobs

  • Device configurations made on a newer firmware version when performing a rollback and restore.


    When the printer is downgraded, these configurations will be lost and the back up device configurations from the older firmware will be restored.

  1. Open the Embedded Web Server.

  2. Select the General tab.

  3. Select the Back up and Restore option from the left pane.

    Embedded Web Server, General tab, Back up and Restore option selected in the left pane.
  4. Under the Back up/Restore section, select the Restore option.

  5. Click OK.

    Embedded Web Server, confirmation message The firmware will be rolled back to an older revision. Click 'Rollback' if you are sure you wan to install this older revision.
  6. Click Rollback.

    The firmware version is reverted to the previous version and the device configurations from that version are restored from the backup. The Embedded Web Server screen will be greyed out like a normal upgrade and the 'Downgrading Firmware.…' dialog will display.


    Some devices will present the Date and Time Wizard which will make it look like the backup was not performed.