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HP Designjet 500, 510 and 800 Printer Series - Network card installation

Network card installation

1. Before installing a card, switch off the printer and unplug it from the mains electricity supply.
2. Carefully remove the plastic cover from the left-hand rear of the printer by unclipping it. This cover gives access to the two slots for an Accessory card and a LAN card.
  • Press in the thumb-tab on the side furthest from the edge that has the cable-hole.
  • Ease the cover out in the direction of the embossed arrow, pivoting it by the hinge clips on the side that has the edge cable-hole.
3. Remove the cover completely. Inside the compartment there are two slots for a LAN card or an Accessory card. If you use an HP-GL/2 card, the LAN card should be in the right-hand slot (nearer the back of the printer), the accessory card on the left.
4. To insert a LAN card (or an Accessory card), remove the metal cover from the appropriate slot by unscrewing its two screws.
5. When you have inserted the card, screw it into place, using its two screws (at the top and bottom of the card).
6. Insert the LAN cable into the LAN card. It is simply pushed into place and clicks when locked.
7. Carefully replace the plastic cover by clipping it back into place.
  • Put the two hinge clips on the side that has the edge cable-hole into their slots.
  • Swivel the cover in the direction opposite to the embossed arrow and clip the other two tabs on the opposite side into their slots. Ensure that the LAN cable passes correctly through the edge cable-hole (shown by the yellow arrow).
  • Route the LAN cable carefully so that it does not interfere with the spindle or roll.