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HP TouchSmart Desktop PCs - Calibrating the Screen (Windows Vista)

This document pertains only to HP TouchSmart computers with the Microsoft Vista operating systems.
To calibrate the screen of the HP TouchSmart computer, complete the following steps.
  1. Make sure you removed all of the clear protective packaging film from the outside of the TouchSmart computer.
  2. Clean the screen before starting a calibration.
    Do not spray cleaner directly onto the screen.
    With the computer off, spray glass cleaner onto a soft, damp cloth and gently wipe the screen to remove dirt and smudges. Give special attention to the upper left and right corners of the screen. Turn on the computer when finished.
  3. Click or tap Start on the task bar, and then click Control Panel.
  4. In the Control Panel, click or tap Hardware and Sound.
  5. Click or tap HP Touch Screen Configuration.
    Abbildung : HP Touch Screen Configuration
    Image of HP Touch Screen Configuration
  6. Click or tap the Troubleshooting tab.
    Abbildung : Troubleshooting tab
    Image of HP Touch Screen Configuration Troubleshooting tab
  7. Under Calibration, click or tap Calibrate.
  8. Click or tap Yes on the message that opens.
    Abbildung : Message from the Calibration Utility
    Image of HP the Calibration Utility message
  9. Press and hold the crosshair (fingerprint icon) each time it appears until you hear a beep. Do not change the screen orientation, desktop resolution, or perform any other task until completing calibration.
  10. Click or tap Yes to accept these calibration settings.
    The screen has been calibrated.
  11. If touch points remain inconsistent, shut down the computer and unplug the power cord. Leave the power cord disconnected for at least 5 seconds.
  12. Plug in the power cord and turn on the computer.
    Screen calibration is returned to its factory setting. If touch points remain inconsistent, continue to the next step.
  13. Close any open software so that the Windows desktop is visible.
  14. Press the Scroll Lock key on the keyboard 5 times.
  15. Touch anywhere on the screen and the mouse pointer moves to the upper left.
  16. Obtain a pencil that has a clean eraser on one end.
  17. Gently touch the eraser to the mouse pointer and hold it until a beep is heard.
  18. Release the eraser and the mouse pointer travels to another area of the screen.
  19. Continue touching the eraser to the mouse pointer and releasing it until the mouse pointer moves to the center of the screen.
    Repeat these steps if touch points are inconsistent.

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