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HP Designjet Printers - How to Use PML Objects Via SNMP


How to use Peripheral Management Language (PML) objects via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).


PML Overview:
PML is an object-oriented request-reply printer management language. It is composed of PML commands and PML objects. Each PML object is associated with a unique piece of printer information. PML commands specify the way the objects are accessed. SNMP commands are used to remotely access the PML objects and are automatically translated into PML commands by the HP JetDirect networked print server.
For More information on Using PML objects and also identifying the various object identifiers (OIDs) for various Management Information Base MIB), click here for a PDF file (
  1. Click Public Software Development Kits (SDK)
  2. Choose DesignJet from the Kit Area drop down
  3. Browse the tree until finding HP DesignJet Status Interface.
  4. Download the Latest PDF from the location.
When this document was created, the following models were covered in the PDF file:
  • Z2100 and Z3100
  • 5XXX Series
  • 500 and 800 Series
  • 10ps/20ps/50ps/100/120/30/130/70/90
  • 4XXX Series
  • Z6100
  • T1100 and T610 Series
For future models please check the updated PDF.