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HP PSC 2410, 2510, and 2550 - Installing and Removing Cartridges

Installing cartridges

The printer must be on to insert or remove cartridges.
Abbildung : If you have a new print cartridge, remove the tape
    Abbildung : Turn on the printer and open the print carriage access door
  1. Print carriage
    Abbildung : Open the latch
  1. Press down lightly on the top of the latch
  2. Pull out at the bottom of the latch to unhook it
Abbildung : Line up the top of the print cartridge with the sides of the carriage as shown
Abbildung : Slide the cartridge all the way in
Abbildung : Press the latch down and make sure it catches as shown
Abbildung : Close the printer
    Abbildung : If the product display reads "Align Print Cartridges", press OK
  1. Product display
  2. OK button

Removing cartridges

The photos in the section above on installing cartridges also show the main steps for removing cartridges.
  1. Turn on the unit, then open the print carriage access door. The unit must be on to insert or remove print cartridges.
  2. To release the cartridge, press down lightly on the top of the print carriage latch and pull the lower section of the latch out.
  3. Pull the cartridge out of the print carriage.

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