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HP Ink Cartridges - Leaking Ink Cartridge

This document is for HP inkjet printers.
If an ink cartridge is leaking, put it in a sealed plastic bag. Then you may be able to return it to your retailer for a replacement or refund, depending on your retailer’s policies.
Or, if the leaking ink cartridge is genuine, not refilled or tampered with, and the Warranty Ends date printed on the ink cartridge has not passed, contact HP for assistance.
HP’s warranty does not cover HP ink cartridges or customer-replaceable printheads that have been refilled, remanufactured, refurbished, misused, or tampered with. Go to Ink Cartridge and Printhead Limited Warranty for more warranty information. To help find out if your leaking ink cartridge is a genuine HP original ink cartridge, see HP anti-counterfeit.

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