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HP Printers - 'Save as PDF' Displays When Printing in Chrome Browser

This document is for printing to an HP printer from a Chrome browser.
When printing from a Chrome browser, Save as PDF displays instead of an installed HP printer. To print, change the destination (printer), change any print settings, and then print the document.
  1. In the Chrome browser, click the Chrome menu icon , and then select Print from the drop-down menu.
    The Print screen opens.
  2. Click Change.
    In the Print dialog box, click Change
  3. If you do not see your printer listed, click Show All.
    In the Select a destination dialog box, click Show All.
  4. Select your printer.
    In the list of results, select your printer.
  5. From the Print screen, make any desired changes to the print settings, and then click Print.
    In the Print dialog bix, click Print.