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HP LaserJet Pro M12 Printers - Toner is Low

This document is for HP LaserJet Pro M12a and M12w printers.
Low toner can cause faded, blurry, or missing sections in printouts. When this happens, obtain a replacement toner cartridge as soon as possible to continue printing. You might be able to print more pages from a low toner cartridge by removing the cartridge, and then rocking it back and forth to redistribute the toner.
Abbildung : Example of low toner
Example of low toner

Get more printouts from a low toner cartridge

When a toner cartridge runs too low on toner, the quality of the printout worsens and the toner cartridge must be replaced. To temporarily improve print quality and possibly get more printed pages from a toner cartridge, remove the toner cartridge, gently rock it, and then reinstall the toner cartridge.
  1. Open the top cover.
    Abbildung : Opening the top cover
    Example of opening the top cover
  2. Remove the toner cartridge.
    Abbildung : Removing the toner cartridge
    Example of removing the toner cartridge
  3. Gently rock the toner cartridge in an upward motion, and then in a side to side motion to distribute the toner evenly.
    Abbildung : Rocking the toner cartridge side to side
    Example of gently rocking the toner cartridge
  4. Reinstall the toner cartridge.
    Abbildung : Reinstalling the toner cartridge
    Example of reinstalling the toner cartridge
  5. Close the top cover.
    Abbildung : Closing the top cover
    Example of closing the top cover
    Finish printing, and then obtain the replacement cartridge as soon as possible.

Replace the toner cartridge

To replace the toner cartridge in HP LaserJet Pro M12 printers, obtain a new toner cartridge (model CF279A), remove the old toner cartridge, and then install the new toner cartridge.
Purchase replacement cartridges and other supplies from the HP Store or local retailers.