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HP Photosmart 3100, 3200, and 3300 Series All-in-One - Installing Ink Cartridges


This document contains information about installing the ink cartridges.

Install the ink cartridges

Be sure to use only the ink cartridges that came with the printer. The ink in these cartridges is specially formulated to mix with the ink in the print head assembly at first-time setup.
  1. Squeeze the tabs at the bottom of each latch to release it, and then lift the latch.
    Abbildung : Opening the ink cartridge latches
  2. Lift all six latches.
    Abbildung : All the latches open
    Insert the black ink cartridge into the far-left stall, and then lower the latch and push it in firmly until it snaps in place.
    Abbildung : Install the black ink cartridge
    Repeat this process to install the Yellow, Light Cyan, Cyan, Light Magenta, and Magenta ink cartridges.
    Abbildung : All the ink cartridges installed properly
    Match the color and pattern of the ink cartridge to the color and pattern on the carriage.
    Make sure each latch is secure after installing the ink cartridge.
  3. Lower the top cover, and follow the prompts on the printer screen to begin the ink cartridge initialization.
    A one-time initialization process begins after ink cartridge installation. Mechanical noises during this process are normal and will last approximately five (5) minutes. Do not turn off or disconnect the product during this time.

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