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HP Business Notebook PCs - HP Power Manager

HP Power Manager is a battery management tool for commercial notebooks. It allows you and your IT administrator to view information about your device battery and to manage battery settings.

Install HP Power Manager

HP Power Manager is available to download from the HP Support website as a SoftPaq.

  1. Go to HP Customer Support - Software and Driver Downloads.

  2. To find your device, enter the serial number or model number of your computer.

    After you locate your device, a list of available software downloads is displayed, organized by category. Under the Software-Solutions category, find HP Power Manager.

  3. Download and install the HP Power Manager SoftPaq.

    Software Solutions list on HP Support

HP Power Manager features

HP Power Manager features enable you to monitor the health status of your battery and to change your battery settings from the operating system instead of the BIOS.

Using HP Power Manager, you can find information about the battery such as design and full charge capacity. You can also access settings such as Maximize My Battery Health and Charging Scheduler, which allows you to set a schedule to charge your battery.

IT personnel can use HP Power Manager to remotely view battery information and manage battery functions. They can also promote battery health throughout the organization by remotely enabling Maximize My Battery Health.


Maximize My Battery Health and Charging Scheduler can also be managed or limited in the BIOS.

Select the battery charge mode

HP Power Manager enables you to view and change battery charge modes from the operating system. HP recommends that you choose your battery settings in HP Power Manager based on battery usage and age.

Let HP Manage My Battery Charging setting

The Let HP Manage My Battery Charging setting dynamically changes how the system charges the battery based upon usage conditions and temperature over time.

Use this setting in the following situations:

  • Mixed-use environments where the notebook is regularly removed from AC power and the battery is allowed to discharge.

  • Prefer a single process for your organization.

  • The notebook is less than a year old.

Maximize My Battery Health setting

The Maximize My Battery Health setting limits the maximum state-of-charge on the notebook battery to 80%, which has been proven to optimize battery health and helps mitigate battery swelling due to high state-of-charge.

Use this setting in the following situations:

  • Environments where the notebooks are continually connected to AC power and seldom removed and allowed to discharge (including remote office environments).

  • The notebooks are one-year old or older (older systems may have been exposed to accelerating factors such as high state-of-charge over time).

What to expect from changing the default setting to Maximize My Battery Health

Changing the default setting to Maximize My Battery Health causes the following:

  • This setting results in a reduced run time between charges, because it limits the charging capacity of the notebook’s battery to 80% of the currently available full charge capacity.

  • You will continue to see the battery charge at 100% in the Windows icon tray, with 100% representing the new, adjusted full charge capacity.

  • The change to Maximize My Battery Health has no impact on the system performance.


Before this update, Maximize My Battery Health caused the Windows icon tray to display a maximum charge of 80%. After the update, the Windows icon tray displays a maximum charge of 100%. This change was made to create a more user-friendly and consistent customer experience.


After this update, if you are running the Windows 11 operating system, a small heart icon is displayed in the Windows icon tray. This heart icon indicates that a battery health feature has been enabled.

Additional HP Power Manager features

Additional features include a convenient access to battery settings and information.

  • To access to battery information and status, click My Battery. You can see the overall health of your device battery, the battery’s design capacity, the current maximum charge capacity, and serial number. You can also view battery temperature and identify the current charging mode.

  • To control your notebook battery's health, click Battery Charge Manager. You can enable Maximize My Battery Health without accessing the BIOS menu.


    Uninstalling HP Power Manager does not automatically revert the notebook charging setting to Let HP Manage My Battery. You must disable Maximize My Battery Health in HP Power Manager.

  • To set a charging schedule for your notebook, click Charging Scheduler. You can set the day and time that you want your notebook to charge.


    If you uninstall HP Power Manager, the current settings are preserved and controlled by the BIOS. IT administrators can use the BIOS to restrict access to the Charging Scheduler.






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