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HP ENVY Inspire printers – Errors about packaging, registration, or checking items displays during printer setup

During the setup of an ENVY Inspire 7200e, 7900e printer, the HP Smart app might stop responding due to an error related to printer status, open doors, or obstructions, such as packaging material left inside the printer. One of the following errors displays when this problem occurs:

  • Remove all packaging from printer to continue setup

  • Unable to register the printer to your account with error code OW_4XX_OWSWS00001

  • Check the items below to resolve potential issues

Check the items below to resolve potential issues error

Use the following steps to prepare your printer properly for setup. Continue with printer setup after each task until setup is successful.

Make sure the printer is ready for setup

Make sure all internal packaging material is removed, all doors are closed and trays reinserted.

  1. Check and make sure of the following:

    • The printer is placed on a solid, flat surface.

    • The cardboard is removed from the print area.

      Removing the cardboard from the print area
    • All tapes and cardboard are removed from inside the paper tray area.

      Removing all tape and cardboard from the paper tray
    • There is no obstacle inside the grey photo tray and the tray can move freely.

    • The cartridge access door and front door are properly closed.

    • Paper-width guides are slid to the edges of the main tray.

      Sliding the paper-width guides to the edges of the main tray
  2. Close the main tray.

    Closing the main tray
  3. If there is a Paper jam or Carriage jam error message, touch OK on the printer control panel.

  4. Open the front door, and then close it.

    This refreshes the printer status.

    Opening, and then closing the front door

Wait up to 60 seconds, if the HP Smart app is still unresponsive, continue to the next step.

Restart HP Smart and your printer

Restart the HP Smart app and your printer.

  1. Close the HP Smart app.

  2. From the printer control panel, press the Power button, wait until the printer turns off, and then turn it on.

  3. Wait until the printer is silent and idle before you continue.

  4. Open the HP Smart app, and then tap Finish Set Up to continue the printer setup.

If the issue persists, continue to the next step.

Restore factory defaults

Restore the printer to factory default settings from the touchscreen settings menu.

  1. On the printer control panel, touch the Home button .

    1. If the HP Software is setting up your printer… message displays, touch .

      Touching the ? icon
    2. Touch Exit.

      A Firmware Update screen opens.

    3. Touch Next, select your preference, and then touch Save.

    The Home screen opens.

  2. Touch the top banner.

  3. Touch the Setup icon , and then touch Printer Maintenance.

  4. Scroll down, and then touch Restore > Restore Factory Defaults.

  5. On the confirmation prompt, touch Continue to complete restoring to factory defaults.

    After the restoration is complete, the printer turns on automatically.

  6. Wait until the printer is silent and idle before you continue.

  7. Open the HP Smart app.

  8. On the home screen, right-click the existing printer name, and then click Hide Printer or Forget this printer.

  9. Click or Add Printer, and then follow the on-screen instructions to connect your printer to a wireless network and continue the setup.

If the issue persists, continue to the next step.

Contact HP Customer Support

If the previous steps did not resolve your issue, contact HP Customer Support for further assistance.

  1. Enter your product serial number to view warranty status and to change your location, if necessary.

  2. Select a support option. If you are in Asia Pacific, you will be directed to a local service center in your area.






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