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HP DeskJet 2700, Ultra 4800 printers - First time printer setup

To set up a printer for the first time, remove the printer from the box, connect the power cord, add printer to HP Smart, load paper, install the ink cartridges, and complete setup.


If you are looking for the printer software, go to 123.hp.com.

Remove the printer from the box

Remove the printer from the box, and then remove all tape, stickers, and packing materials.


To avoid setup problems and potential printer damage, make sure all internal packaging material is removed, all doors are closed and trays reinserted before turning on the printer.

  1. Remove the printer from the box.

  2. Remove all tape and packaging materials from the outside of the printer.

  3. Lower the output tray, reach inside the printer, and then grasp the handle and lower the ink cartridge access door to open it.

    Opening the cartridge access door
  4. Remove all tape, packaging materials, and cardboard from inside the printer.

    Removing packaging and tape from the carriage area
  5. Close the ink cartridge access door.

  6. Remove all hardware and materials from the box.

  7. Recycle the box and packaging materials.

Connect the power cord

Plug the printer into an electrical outlet and turn on the printer.


Do not connect a USB cable at this time. The connection to the computer is established during the software installation.

  1. Connect the power cord to the back of the printer and into an electrical outlet.

    Connecting the power cable
  2. Press the Power button.

  3. Wait until the printer is idle and silent.

Add the printer to HP Smart

The HP Smart app is required and helps connect your device to your printer. It also guides you through the rest of the setup process.

  1. Go to 123.hp.com to download and install the software.

  2. Open the app, and then touch Add a New printer or touch the plus sign to find your printer.

  3. Follow the prompts in HP Smart to connect the printer to your network and device.

  4. Sign up for HP+ or Instant Ink.


    This is optional and depends on country/region.

  5. Follow the animation in the HP Smart app to load paper and install setup cartridges.

The steps that follow on this page can be used with the instructions in HP Smart to complete printer setup.

Load plain paper

Load plain paper in the input tray.

  1. Raise the input tray.

    Raising the paper tray
  2. Slide the paper width guide all the way to the left.

    Sliding the paper guide out
  3. Load a stack of plain white paper into the input tray.

    Loading paper into the input tray
  4. Slide the paper width guide to the right until it rests at the edge of the paper.

    Sliding the paper guide in
  5. Lower the output tray, and then pull out the tray extender.

    Opening the output tray

Before you print, make sure to select the correct paper size or media type in the print job settings.

Install the ink cartridges and complete setup

Install the HP ink cartridges that came with your printer.

  1. Lower the output tray, reach inside the printer, and then grasp the handle and lower the ink cartridge access door to open it.

  2. Remove the cartridge from the package. Be careful to only hold it by the black plastic sides.

  3. Remove the tape from the cartridge.


    Do not touch the copper-colored contacts or the ink nozzles, or reapply the protective tape. Touching these areas can result in an ink system failure.

    Removing the tape from the ink cartridge
  4. Slide the cartridge into its color-coded slot at a slight upward angle, and then push up on the cartridge until it snaps into place.

    Installing the ink cartridge
  5. Close the ink cartridge access door.

  6. For print quality purposes, an alignment page prints after three pages are printed. Follow the instructions on the page to complete the cartridge alignment.






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