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HP x360 Notebook PCs - Enabling or disabling the keyboard

The position of an x360 notebook determines whether the keyboard is enabled or disabled.

On models in which the power button is located on the keyboard, disabling the keyboard also disables the power button key.

Example of a keyboard power button

HP x360 notebook PC positions

You can place x360 notebooks in four different positions as follows:

  • Stand mode

    Identifying stand mode
  • Tent mode

    Identifying tent mode
  • Tablet mode

    Identifying tablet mode
  • Clamshell mode

    Identifying clamshell mode

Enable or disable the keyboard

You can change the position of your x360 notebook to enable or disable the keyboard and power key (depending on the model).

To enable the keyboard and the power button key on an x360 notebook, place the notebook in clamshell mode.

To disable the keyboard on an x360 notebook, place the computer in stand mode, tent mode, or tablet mode.