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HP printer setup (HP Print for Chrome)

Print documents, photos, and web pages through the Google Chrome browser with this extension. Downloading an additional print driver is not required.

Install HP Print for Chrome

To print from the Chrome browser, install the HP Print for Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Review these requirements to use HP Print for Chrome.

  • A Chromebook, Mac, or Windows computer connected to the internet

  • An active Gmail or Google Chrome account

  • The latest version of the Chrome browser: Go to Update Google Chrome (in English) for more information

  1. From the Chrome browser, go to HP Print for Chrome (in English).

  2. Click Add to Chrome, and then follow the instructions to complete the extension setup.

    The Print for Chrome window opening after successful installation

Print with HP Print for Chrome

Print documents, images, web pages, and emails from the Chrome browser.

  1. Turn on the printer and make sure it is connected to the same network as the computer or with a USB cable.

  2. From the Chrome browser, open the item you want to print.

  3. Click the Print icon if available, or click the browser Menu icon , and then select Print.

  4. Select your printer from the Destination menu and change any print job settings as needed.

  5. Click Print.

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