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HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1200 - Control Panel Features

This document is for HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1200a, 1200n, 1200w, 1200nw, 1201n, 1202w, and 1202nw printers.
The control panel includes buttons and lights, a character display, and toner indicators.

Control panel buttons and lights

From the control panel, you can start copy jobs, change copy settings, and cancel print jobs.
Example of the wireless model control panel
1. Paper light: Blinks when the input tray is out of paper.
2. Attention light: Indicates that the printer requires user attention.
3. Imaging Drum light: Indicates that the imaging drum needs to be replaced.
4. Lid Open light: Blinks during an ID card copy job to prompt you to flip the ID card.
5. Character display: Displays error codes, wireless signal strength, and copy settings. For more information, skip to the Character display section.
6. Menu buttons: Used to change copy job settings.
  • Press the Menu button to change the character display mode and save settings.
  • Press the Up arrow or Down arrow to change the setting in the current mode.
7. ID Copy button: Starts an ID card copy job.
8. Copy button: Starts a copy job.
9. Resume button: Used for the following functions.
  • Clears errors
  • Starts printing the second side of documents when in manual duplex mode
  • Starts scanning the second side of an ID card
  • Cancels a print job that is being processed but has not yet started printing
  • Prints a configuration page
10. Cancel button: Cancels print jobs.
11. Wi-Fi Direct button (wireless models only): Initiates a Wi-Fi Direct connection. When Wi-Fi Direct is on, the Wi-Fi Direct icon displays on the character display.
12. Wireless button and light (wireless models only): Initiates a wireless connection and indicates connection status.
  • Solid blue: The printer is connected to the wireless network.
  • Blinking blue: The printer is in wireless connection setup mode or WPS configuration is in progress.
  • Solid amber: The printer cannot connect to the wireless network or there is a WPS error.
13. Power button/Ready light: Turns the printer on or off and indicates printer status.
  • Solid: The printer is on and ready to print.
  • Blinking: The printer is processing a print job.
  • Dim: The printer is in a low-power state.

Character display

The appearance of the control panel display depends on the model of your printer and the mode that the printer is in.
The control panel character display
1. Wi-Fi Signal Strength indicator (wireless models only): Indicates the strength of the wireless connection.
2. Wi-Fi Direct icon (wireless models only): Indicates that Wi-Fi Direct is on.
3. Character display: Depending on the current mode, displays the number of copies, contrast or scale setting, busy animation, or error and status codes.
For more information about error codes, go to Blinking Lights.
4. Reduce/Enlarge (scale) icon: Indicates that the control panel is in Scale mode. When the icon is visible, the character display shows the current scaling factor (in percent).
5. Lighter/Darker (contrast) icon: Indicates that the control panel is in Contrast mode. When the icon is visible, the character display shows the contrast setting (as a bar graphic).
6. Number of Copies icon: Indicates that the control panel is in Copy mode. When the icon is visible, the character display shows the number of copies currently selected for printing.

Toner indicators

The Toner Reload indicator and Toner Level indicator display toner status.
Location of the toner-related indicators
1. Toner Reload indicator: Glows white when you can add more toner, and glows or blinks amber when there is an error during toner reload.
2. Toner Level indicator: Displays the current toner level.






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