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Samsung SCX-6122, SCX-6322 Laser MFP - Loading Paper in the Tray

This document explains how to load paper in the tray.

In tray 1

Load the print media used for the majority of the print jobs in Tray 1. Tray 1 can hold a maximum of 550 sheets of 75 g/m2 plain paper.
Users can purchase an optional tray (Tray 2) and attach it below the standard tray to load an additional 550 sheets of paper.

Loading paper in tray 1 or optional tray 2

  1. To load paper, pull open the paper tray and place paper with the side to print facing up.
    Figure : Load paper
  2. After loading paper, set the paper type and size for the multipurpose tray.
    • If users experience problems with paper feed, place one sheet at a time in the multipurpose tray.
    • Users can load previously printed paper. The printed side should be facing up with an uncurled edge at the front. If users experience problems with paper feed, turn the paper around. Note that print quality is not guaranteed.

Changing the size of the paper in the paper tray

To load longer sizes of paper, such as Legal-sized paper, users need to adjust the paper guides to extend the paper tray.
    Figure : Paper size
  1. Paper length guide
  2. Paper width guide
  1. Adjust the paper length guide to the desired paper length. It is preset to Letter or A4 size depending on the country/region. To load another size, lift and insert the length guide into the corresponding position.
    Figure : Length guide, adjust
  2. After inserting paper into the tray, while pinching the paper width guide as shown, move it toward the stack of paper until it lightly touches the side of the stack. Do not press the guide too tightly to the edge of the paper; the guide might bend the paper.
    Figure : Width guide, adjust
    • Do not push the paper width guides far enough to cause the materials to warp.
    • If users do not adjust the paper width guides, it might cause paper jams.
      Figure : Paper in tray

In the multipurpose tray

The multipurpose tray can hold special sizes and types of print material, such as transparencies, postcards, note cards, and envelopes. It is useful for single page printing on letterhead or colored paper.
To load paper in the multipurpose tray:
  1. Open the multipurpose tray and unfold the multipurpose tray extension, as shown.
    Figure : MP tray, open
  2. If using paper, flex or fan the edge of the paper stack to separate the pages before loading.
    Figure : Flex or fan
    For transparencies, hold them by the edges and avoid touching the print side. Oils from fingers might cause print quality problems.
  3. Load the paper with the side to be printed on facing down.
    Figure : Load paper, face down
    Depending on the paper type being used, keep the following loading guidelines:
    • Envelopes: Flap side down and with the stamp area on the top left side.
    • Transparencies: Print side up and the top with the adhesive strip entering the printer first.
    • Labels: Print side up and top short edge entering the printer first.
    • Preprinted paper: Design side up with the top edge toward the printer.
    • Card stock: Print side up and the short edge entering the printer first.
    • Previously printed paper: Previously printed side down with an uncurled edge toward the printer.
  4. Squeeze the multipurpose tray paper width guides and adjust them to the width of the paper. Do not force too much, or the paper will be bent, which will result in a paper jam or skew.
    Figure : Width guides, adjust
  5. After loading paper, set the paper type and size for the multipurpose tray.
    The settings made from the printer driver override the settings on the control panel.
  6. After printing, fold the multipurpose tray extension and close the multipurpose tray.






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