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Samsung Printers - Scan Driver Installation and How to Scan

Scan driver installation

Search any scan driver from the following locations to install.
  • Install from the CD installer.
  • Install from the Samsung Printer Center.
  • Download and install from
The USD (Universal Scan Driver) will install both TWAIN and WIA. The WIA driver will be installed when the USB device is plugged in without any further installation.
TWAIN is typically used as an interface between image processing software and a scanner or digital camera.

Universal scan driver

The following instructions show how to change a device.
  1. Launch Samsung Printer Center and select Change Device.
  2. Select Add, then search for and select the appropriate devices.
  3. Check the updated device list and choose any default device for the USD, then select OK.
  4. Check the updated default device information.
    Figure : Changing a device

How to scan

From applications (pull scan)

From the applications that support TWAIN, users can select a source (scan driver and device), then configure the scanning options.
    Figure : Scan from app
  1. Configure all detailed scanning options including image type, color, and so on.

From easy document creator (pull scan)

EDC (Easy Document Creator) provides pull scanning (scan from PC) and editing methods to a scanned image.
    Figure : Easy document creator
  1. Check and change the device to scan from.
  2. Configure scanning options, then execute a scan.

Using easy print manager (push scan)

EPM (Easy Print Manager) provides a Scan to PC option that enables push scanning from the device to registered PCs.
    Figure : EPM, scan to PC
  1. Activate "Scan to PC".
  2. Configuration for "Scan to PC". Image type, resolution, and file setting as well as any action that is required after the scan job is finished.
  3. Edit Scan ID (PC ID) and enable the password feature for security purposes.
For older models or those without any mass storage the Image tab will be supported additionally. This enables image enhancement, adjustment, and so on. Recent models will do all the advanced features on the printer using LSSIP (Light Samsung Scanner Interface Protocol).
EPM enables a wide-range of scan related options. This includes color mode, resolution, orientation, file format, OCR language, separation, and so on.
    Figure : EPM, options
  1. Supports various scanning format outputs.
  2. File separation is possible when doing a multiple page scanning job.

Scan to PC (push scan) on the device

Steps and screens might differ from models as it is based on Smart UX printers.
  1. Select destination as PC from the Scan & Send menu on the printer UI.
    Figure : Destination
  2. Select the designated PC ID from the list.
    Figure : PC ID
  3. Enter the access code. (Optional, use only when set up.)
    Figure : Access code, optional
  4. Select the appropriate profile. (Only used when multiple profiles are available.)
    Figure : Select profile