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HP LaserJet MFP M631-M637, E62555-E62575, E62655-E62675 - Replace the staple cartridge

Replace the staple cartridge

  1. Open the stapler door.
    Figure : Open the stapler door
  2. Pull down the colored handle on the staple carriage, and then pull the staple carriage straight out.
    Figure : Remove the staple carriage
  3. Lift up the empty staple cartridge to remove it from the staple carriage.
    Do NOT discard the empty staple carriage. You will use it to hold the new staple cartridge.
  4. Insert the new staple cartridge into the staple carriage.
  5. Reinstall the staple carriage into the stapler by pressing the colored handle inward until it snaps into place.
    Figure : Reinstall the staple carriage
  6. Close the stapler door.
    Figure : Close the stapler door