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HP OfficeJet Pro X series - Resolve paper jams including "Print Zone" jams


During a print job, the printer stops feeding pages, and a Paper Jam error message displays on the printer control panel.
This document contains several troubleshooting methods for clearing a paper jam.
Try the following solutions in the order presented to resolve the paper jam issue. If any of the solutions resolve the issue, you do not need to continue troubleshooting.
Traces of ink might remain in the product after a jam which could result in unwanted print quality defects. If you notice any print quality defects, try printing a few pages to see if the print quality issues clear up. If the print quality issues persist after printing a few pages, try running the Clean Printhead procedures.
Always verify that the tray guides are set properly in both directions for all trays, as well as the ADF on multi-function models.
To view a video with steps on how to set the tray guides when loading paper or envelopes, click the link below:
If you have trouble viewing the video or to view the video in a different size, click here to play the video on YouTube.

Solution one: Use the "printer assist" feature to clear the paper jam

The OfficeJet Pro X Series printers have a "printer assist" feature that can be very useful in clearing paper jams. When the "printer assist" feature is triggered, the engine will turn the drive shafts to try to force the paper through the paper path. You might be able to help the engine by gently pulling on any visible sections of the paper to remove it from the printer.
To trigger the "printer assist" feature, follow these steps:
  1. Open the door on the left side of the printer.
    Figure : Open the left door
  2. Remove the duplexer by pulling it out with one hand and keeping it level to prevent unwanted ink spills. Set the duplexer aside, upright, on a piece of paper to prevent ink spills.
    When pulling out the duplexer, avoid making direct contact with the black cylinder to prevent ink smear on skin or clothes.
    Figure : Remove the duplexer
  3. Lower the platen by pressing down on the green tab. The printer engine will turn the drive shafts to try to force the paper through the paper path in the proper direction.
  4. If you see any visible sections of the paper, gently pull the paper towards you to remove it from the printer.
    Figure : Gently pull the jammed sheet towards you
  5. Lift the green tab to place the platen back into its operating position.
    Figure : Lift the green tab
  6. Reinstall the duplexer.
    Figure : Reinstall the duplexer
  7. Close the left door.
    Figure : Close the left door
  8. Try printing a test page to see if the paper jam issue has been resolved.
    • If the test page prints successfully, you do not need to continue troubleshooting.
    • If you are unable to print a test page and the paper jam issue persists, continue to the next solution in this document.

Solution two: Clear the paper jam from a specific location in the printer

Jams can occur in a number of different areas of the printer. Find your printer model in the table below to see the locations where a jam can occur.
OfficeJet Pro X451 and X551
OfficeJet Pro X476 and X576
    Figure : Jam locations
  1. Output bin
  2. Left door
  3. Optional Tray 3 and left jam-access door
  4. Tray 1
  5. Tray 2
    Figure : Jam locations
  1. Automatic document feeder (ADF)
  2. Scanner
  3. Output bin
  4. Tray 2
  5. Optional Tray 3 and left jam-access door
  6. Tray 1
  7. Left door
  • If the paper jam error message displayed on the printer control panel references a specific location for the jam (such as Tray 2), use the following links to skip to the section in this document that contains steps for clearing the jam in that particular location of the printer.
  • If the error message on the printer control panel does not specify the location of the jam, try the steps in each of these sections to find and clear the jam.






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