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HP Scitex LX850 and LX820 Printer Series - The substrate edge holders

The purpose of the substrate edge holders is to prevent the substrate edges from lifting up and jamming while printing.
Standing in front of the printer, you should see the two edge holders on either side of the top surface of the substrate. Slide the edge holders to the edges of the substrate and make sure that they are properly positioned and not bent (which could cause a carriage crash).
The edge holders are easy to deploy with the carriage beam at its highest position.
The correct position is illustrated below, where (1) indicates the edge of the substrate. The substrate should be free to move, and should not touch the ends of the edge holder.
Wrongly positioned edge holders could severely damage the printheads and carriage.

Removal and replacement

When the printer is delivered, the edge holders are already installed on the print platen, and there is no need to remove them. When they are not being used they can be pushed to the side. However, the central edge holders used for dual-roll printing must be removed for single-roll printing and for the LX 850 when printing on textiles, as the ink collector kit must also be installed.
To install an edge holder, stand at the front of the printer and attach the rear of the edge holder to the rear of the platen, then pull the front of the edge holder towards you and attach it to the front of the platen.
Do not bend the edge holder. It should remain perfectly straight, otherwise it could damage the printheads and carriage.