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HP Scanjet G4010 and G4050 Scanners - Scanning an Image


This document contains information about the basic methods for scanning images. There are three options available to scan an image.
  • Scan from the scanner front panel buttons
  • Scan from HP Solution Center
  • Scan from other software programs

Scanning options

Method one: Scan from the scanner front panel buttons

Use the front-panel buttons on the scanner to scan pictures and documents. The front panel buttons provide shortcuts to frequently used scanning functions. The following table describes the buttons on the front panel.
Feature name
Scan button
Scans pictures, graphics, documents, or objects.
Scan Film button
Scans transparent positives (such as 35 mm slides) and negatives. Scanning film requires that you use the transparent materials adapter (TMA) located on the underside of the scanner lid.
Copy button
Scans the item and sends it to the printer to make a copy.
Scan to PDF button
Scans one or more pages and saves them as a PDF file for sharing or storing.

Method two: Scan from the HP Solution Center

Scan from the HP Solution Center when more control is required during scanning process, such as when you want to preview the image before the final scan, or use more advanced features, or change scan settings.
Start the HP Solution Center using either one of the options below:
  • On the Windows desktop, double-click the HP Solution Center icon.
  • On the taskbar, click Start and point to Programs or All Programs. Point to HP, and then click HP Solution Center.
If you have installed more than one HP device, click the tab for the scanner. The HP Solution Center shows only the functions, settings, and support options that are appropriate for the selected HP device.

Method three: Scan from other software programs

You can scan an image directly into one of your software programs if the program is TWAIN compliant. Generally, the program is compliant if it has a menu option such as Acquire, Scan, or Import New Object. If you are unsure whether the program is compliant or what the option is, see the documentation for that program.

Scanning pictures and documents

Before scanning a picture, select the original type. Then scan the picture. You can scan one or multiple pictures or documents with one scan.

Select original type - document or picture

You have two choices for original type: Document or Picture. The scanner optimizes settings based on your choice. Use the following guidelines to determine the best original type for your needs.
If your original consists of
Select this original type
Text, or both text and graphics
A printed photograph or graphic

Scan pictures

Use the Scan button to scan pictures or documents quickly.
Use the Scan button ( ) to scan photos and graphics.
For scanning slides or negatives, see Scan film.
If you want to preview scans before they are sent to their destination, select Show Preview in the What are you scanning? dialog box.
  1. Place the original face down on the scanner glass, as indicated by the reference marks, and then close the lid.
  2. Press the Scan button ( ). The What are you scanning? dialog box appears.
  3. Under the What are you scanning? heading, click Picture.
  4. Select Scan originals from glass.
  5. Click Scan.
    If Show Preview was selected, you must click the Accept button in the preview screen to initiate the scan. When prompted, click Yes to scan additional pictures, or click No to send the scanned image(s) to the specified location.
  6. When the first scan is finished, place an other item on the scanner glass and then click Scan to scan the next picture, or click Done. The software saves the scan to a subfolder in the My Scans folder. The subfolder is named for the current year and month. The scanned image is also sent to the HP Photosmart software by default.
The HP Scanning software can automatically correct your pictures or restore faded colors in old pictures.
To turn picture correction on or off, select Auto Correct Photos from the Basic menu of the HP Scanning software, and then choose the options you want. To use this feature, Show Preview must be selected.






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