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HP Designjet 9000s Printer Series - New Media Profiles Available for Onyx PosterShop RIP v 6.5 for HP


There are new media profiles available for the RIP in the HP Designjet 9000 Printer series.
Currently this new RIP is only available for the HP Designjet 9000 and 5500 Printer series.
Click here to download the media profiles from the Onyx web site at http://www.onyxgfx.com/download.pl

Changing the Print Mode

Changing the print mode has been improved and is different to previous printers in the Designjet family. When selecting a print mode in the HP Designjet 9000s printer the printer must also be recalibrated.
As an example take a profile for HP Self-adhesive Vinyl media, it is originally calibrated for Normal Low Resolution (4 Pass) print mode for 360 dpi (dots per inch). To change the print mode from a 4 pass print mode to a 2 pass print mode, just make the change in the media manager and resubmit the job. It is faster, but the color will be extremely faded and a lot of time, ink, and media will be wasted. As the mode was changed from the original, a calibration is necessary for the new print mode.

Selecting the Print Mode

Following is the correct procedure for selecting and changing the print modes:
  1. Select the printer that is to be used and select Change.
    Figure : Selecting the Change button
  2. Select the media type and media configuration.
    Figure : Selecting the media type and media configuration
    Every media that is profiled will be placed within specific print modes. The calibrated mode is represented by the following nomenclature:
      Figure : Calibrated mode
    1. Ink setup for the printer.
    2. Number of passes in the print mode.
    3. Specific resolution that is calibrated for the mode.
    As an example take the following print mode:
    The media configuration means that it is 6 color (CMYKcm) 360 resolution calibrated for the 2 pass mode. Check another example:
    The media configuration means that it is 6 color (CMYKcm) 720 resolution calibrated for the 8 pass print mode. The HD at the end of the configuration means that the print mode is calibrated for an overprint of 2 or 200% ink coverage. This option is only available for the 720 resolution.
  3. Select the desired resolution on the quick set.
    To do this select the printer and the resolution from the Edit Quick Set menu and once done select OK.
    Figure : Edit Quick Set window

Modifying the Print Mode

Follow the steps given below to modify the Print Mode:
  1. Select the printer and then Configure Printer in the menu.
  2. The user will be asked to stop the server while the print mode settings are modified.
  3. Click the Media tab and select the configuration that exactly matches the media type loaded and the desired media configuration.
  4. Select Options.
      Figure : Configure Printer window
    1. Options button
  5. Select the resolution from the list and then select Modify to change the print mode.
    Figure : Printer Options window
    The normal print modes are also included for the resolutions that are not represented by a print mode name. For example, 6C_8p_720_HD suggests that the user would print with the eight pass, 720 dpi and two overprint print mode. Within that print mode are also the 360 dpi four pass and the 540x720 four pass, this reduces the chances of incorrect printing and enables the end user to achieve a quality output even if a resolution is chosen that does not have an available print mode.

Known issues

Issue: If the user attempts to change the media configuration in the ‘Pre-flight’ section in the PosterShop application, the job will hang and Waiting for Media message will be displayed in the queue. This is true even if the media names are kept the same.
Figure : Message displayed in the queue
Solution: This will be fixed in later editions of the application.
Workaround: Only change the Media Configuration in the Printer’s RIP.
Issue: In the Media Manager, if the user tries to set up a new media and define the ink restrictions, the user is not able to enter 0% as an ink restriction for the Yellow or Black inks. The application allows any of the other inks to be set to 0%, but if Y or K are tried to set to 0%, they end up set to 1%.
Figure : Ink Restrictions window
Solution: This will be fixed in the later edition of this application.
Cause: This is a known issue. All versions of Media Manager have this issue (it is because the data is stored as 0 - 255 instead of 0 - 100, and 0 gets rounded up).
Issue: If a (new) media is setup with all the dark inks restricted to 0%, but the lights set to 100%, all the dark inks are still printed, and visible in pre-flight.
Solution: Preflight and the RIP-Queue preview do not show accurate effects of ink restrictions in the preview. Be careful to rip and print the files with the correct media, resolution, and dot pattern.






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