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HP iPAQ Pocket PC h2200 Series - Software Overview


The HP iPAQ Pocket PC already includes all the software needed, and more, to fully operate the device. The software applications introduced below are preinstalled on the iPAQ Pocket PC. These preinstalled applications are not deleted if the Pocket PC loses power.
Detailed information for using these applications is in the Help files on the HP iPAQ Pocket PC. To access these Help files, from the Start menu, tap Help, and select an application.
In addition, Microsoft Pocket PC Basics provides instructions on operating the Pocket PC. To locate Pocket PC Basics, go to the Today screen and tap Start, then Help.
HP iPAQ software
HP iPAQ software
iPAQ Audio
Adjust the volume for microphone or headphone use.
iPAQ Backup
Back up data to protect it from loss due to hardware failure, battery power failure, or accidental deletion.
Manage tasks that are running, and functions as a shortcut to launch or close programs. Assigned, by default, to the fourth Application button on the Pocket PC.
iPAQ Image Viewer
Display individual images and run slide shows. Also, display images from a digital camera storage card.
Diagnostic ToolKit
Runs a basic diagnostic test on the device.
Asset Viewer
Lists detailed information about the system configuration.
Allows short-range wireless communications technology capable of exchanging information up to a distance of about 30 feet (10 meters).
Transform the HP iPAQ Pocket PC into an easy-to-use universal remote control.
Microsoft Pocket PC software
Microsoft Pocket PC software
Synchronize the information between the Pocket PC and computer so the latest information is in both locations. Be sure to install ActiveSync on both the Pocket PC and the personal computer.
Perform calculations and convert currency.
Schedule appointments, meetings, and other events, then set an alarm for a reminder of the appointments. Appointments for the day are displayed on the Today screen.
Connect the Pocket PC to the Internet and intranet to browse Web sites, send and receive e-mail, and synchronize information using ActiveSync.
ClearType Tuner
Adjusts the lightness or darkness of text.
Keep an updated list of friends and colleagues to e-mail and telephone.
Receive and send Internet e-mail messages in Inbox. An e-mail address provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or employer is required to send and receive e-mail.
MSN Messenger
Provide the same chat environment as MSN Messenger on the computer including seeing who is online, sending and receiving instant messages, blocking contacts from seeing your status or sending you messages.
Create handwritten or typed notes, drawings, and recordings.
View individual pictures, run a slide show, or set a picture as the background on the Today screen.
Pocket Excel
Create and edit workbooks or view and edit Excel workbooks created on the desktop computer.
Pocket Internet Explorer
Browse the Internet and download pages through synchronization or by connecting to the Internet.
Pocket Word
Create new documents or view and edit Word documents created on the desktop computer.
Provides quick instructions for setting the backlight, clock, contrast, memory, power, regional settings, Today screen, password, sounds and notifications, etc.
Keep track of your to-do list.
Terminal Services Client
Use programs available on the personal computer from the Pocket PC.
Windows Media Player 9 series
Play digital audio and video files in Windows Media or MP3 format on the Pocket PC.
Companion CD software
The AvantGo mobile Internet service provides free access to personalized content and applications optimized for your Pocket PC. With AvantGo you can browse your favorite Web sites or access our more than 1,000 brand-name channels including CNN, Expedia To Go, and MSN - wirelessly or via desktop synchronization.
Software Choice
Download the best selection of software for your iPAQ Pocket PC at www.ipaqchoice.com. Enjoy a world of fun and information at your fingertips and download some of the best software available on Pocket PC today.
Pocket PC Games
Add some fun to your Pocket PC! The Pocket PC is more than just a great productivity tool for your uptime, it also offers a way to relax in your downtime. Go to PocketPC.com, your first stop for Pocket PC downloads, and try out Minesweeper, Reversi, or Hearts.
RealOne Player for Pocket PC
RealOne Player for Pocket PC lets you access RealAudio and RealVideo news, sports, entertainment, and other informative programs from the Internet, as well as drag-and-drop music files from your RealOne Player on your PC to your mobile device.
Enterprise solutions
XcelleNet's Afaria - Get a FREE 10-seat license
XcelleNet's Afaria is the most comprehensive mobile infrastructure solution for your enterprise. Optimized to support mobile and wireless users, Afaria allows businesses to deploy and maintain software applications, synchronize content and data, protect hardware and software device assets and enable communications over diverse networks.
Mobilize Lotus Notes on your HP iPAQ (Free 60-day trial)
No other Lotus Notes synchronization product performs like it. Lotus Notes e-mail, contacts, to-do lists, calendar and journal on your iPAQ. Use this one product to synchronise via desktop or wirelessly with a server. Advanced 'push' of messages to your device. Easy to install, easy to use. Click Details below for more information. Click Install to be running Lotus Notes on your HP iPAQ in minutes.
Mobile printing made easy.
Whether you spend your working hours tethered to a desktop or jockeying between client sites, hardcopy remains the medium of choice for reviewing and sharing business content. Now HP brings convenience printing to the small screen with HP Mobile Printing for Pocket PC software.
ClearVue Office Suite Complete Office file viewing solution.
True mobility requires access to important information - especially saved files, email attachments and Internet downloads. ClearVue provides the ability to open and view native Microsoft Office files directly on your Pocket PC. For more information, select the Details button below.
iPresentation Mobile Converter LE
The iPresentation Mobile Converter allows you to view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations on the Pocket PC. This product empowers mobile professionals to view and share presentations in more places than ever. Additionally, create and share voice-narrated rich-media presentations by taking advantage of Presenter's 30-Day Free Trial of iPresentation Suite.
Adobe Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC
Adobe Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC lets you view Adobe Portable Document (PDF) files on Pocket PC devices.
Ilium Software eWallet (Professional Edition, Trial Version)
Use this award-winning software on your personal computer and HP iPAQ Pocket PC to store, protect, and back up your important information. Then, you can easily find it, as soon as you need it. Have your most important personal information backed up for safekeeping, encrypted and password-protected for security, but right with you, in a convenient, easy to use format.
Ilium Software ListPro (Professional Edition, Trial Version)
ListPro -- an easy way to make, use and re-use all your important lists! Use ListPro to organize all your lists, thoughts and notes in convenient, easy-to-use ways. Do you do everything? Or just too much? Use ListPro now! You will be amazed at how much use you'll find for it. ListPro Professional Edition includes versions for your iPAQ Pocket PC as well as your Windows PC.
F-Secure FileCrypto for Pocket PC Personal Edition
F-Secure FileCrypto for Pocket PC Personal Edition is a file encryption application that provides protection against unwanted data disclosure. With the application, you can create special encrypted folders for storing confidential and personal information. All files stored in the encrypted folders are automatically encrypted when the folders are locked, and sensitive information remains always safe.
Pocket Watch - The Interactive World Clock For Pocket PC
Pocket Watch offers you global awareness of time information. Tap to find what time it is all across the world. View the sunrise and sunset time anywhere for any day. Set points of interest and track the time of day in those places.






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