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HP LaserJet MFP M139-M142 printers - Blinking lights

Descriptions of buttons, error codes, and light patterns for HP LaserJet MFP M139-M142 printers.

Control panel buttons, icons, and lights

Example of the control panel display




2-digit LED display: Depending on the mode, it displays one of the following:

  • A value for the number of copies, darkness, or size

  • Error or status codes


Number of copies icon: Selects the number of copies.


Lighter/Darker icon: Adjusts the darkness setting of a copy job.


Enlarge/Reduce icon: Adjusts the size percentage of a copy job.

Example of the control panel buttons and lights




Up and Down buttons: Increase or decrease the value of the selected item on the display.


ID Copy button: Copy an identification card.


Wireless button and light (wireless models only): Turns Wi-Fi on or off, sets up a Wi-Fi Direct connection, or connects to your router with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

The light indicates connection status.

  • Solid light: Connected to a network or Wi-Fi Direct.

  • Blinking light: Not connected to a network, or configuring a WPS or Wi-Fi Direct connection.

  • Fast blinking light: Network or Wi-Fi Direct connection issue.


Attention light: The printer has an issue (error state) and requires user attention.


HP+ printers only: If the light blinks fast (4 blinks per 3 seconds), there is an issue with your HP account and/or printer connection. Open the HP Smart app for more information.


Copy Options button: Navigates through the different display menus, such as Number of Copies (default), Lighter/Darker, and Enlarge/Reduce.


Start Copy/Resume button: Starts a copy job, or prints the second side of a duplex print job (printing on both sides).


Cancel button: Cancels a print or copy job.


Supplies light: Displays the status of the toner cartridge.

  • Off: The toner level is adequate, and there are no issues.

  • Blinking: The toner cartridge has an issue (error state).

  • Solid: The toner is very low, and the cartridge needs to be replaced.


Power button and Ready light: The button turns the printer on or off.

The light indicates printer status.

  • Solid light: On and ready to print.

  • Blinking light: Receiving a print job.

  • Dim light: Low-power state.