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HP printers - Using Mobile Fax (HP Smart app)

Fax documents securely over the internet with Mobile Fax from the HP Smart app. A traditional fax machine or phone line is not required.


Mobile Fax does not support receiving faxes, and it cannot send faxes to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone numbers.

Send a mobile fax from the HP Smart app

Send a mobile fax securely over the internet to a fax machine with the HP Smart app.

Before you begin: Make sure to download the HP Smart app from and create an HP Smart account.

  1. Open the HP Smart app, and then click the Mobile Fax tile on the home screen.

    If the tile is missing, make sure it is enabled in the HP Smart app.

    • Mobile devices: Tap Personalize Tiles, and then enable Mobile Fax.

    • Computers: Click the Settings icon (Windows) or HP Smart from the menu bar (macOS), click Personalize Tiles, and then enable Mobile Fax.

  2. If prompted, sign in to your HP Smart account.

  3. Click Compose Fax (Windows, macOS) or Compose New Fax (Android, iOS).

  4. In the To field, enter the recipient fax information, or click the User icon to add an existing contact.

  5. Click From, enter your information, or click Profile to add an existing profile.

  6. Click Files and Cover Page.

  7. To add a cover page, enable it, and then enter a Subject and Message, or click Template to open an existing cover page template.

  8. Under Add Your Files, select an option to attach an existing file or scan a new one.


    Mobile Fax supports sending multiple PDF files at a time, up to 50 pages or 20 MB.

    • To attach an existing file, click Files & Photos, and then select the file on your device.

    • To scan a file with your printer, click Scanner (Windows, macOS) or Printer Scanner (Android, iOS), and then scan the file you want to fax.

    • To scan a file with your device camera, tap Camera, and then scan the file with your camera.

  9. To add notes or signatures to the file, click the Scribble icon , create or add Marks, and then click Done to save it.

  10. Review the cover page and attached file, and then click Send Fax.


    To cancel a fax, click Cancel on the dial screen within in 20-30 seconds.

To view the fax status, select the Sent tab from the Mobile Fax home screen.

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