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HP LaserJet Managed MFP E67650, E67660 - Printer views

Printer front view

Figure : View of front components
    Figure : View of additional front components
  1. Document-feeder cover (access for clearing jams)
  2. Document-feeder input tray
  3. Document-feeder output bin. When feeding long paper through the document feeder, extend the paper stop at the right side of the output bin.
  4. Control panel with color touchscreen display (tilts up for easier viewing)
  5. Right door (access to the fuser and for clearing jams)
  6. Tray 1
  7. On/off button
  8. Tray 2
  9. Model name
  10. Front door (access to the toner cartridges)
  11. Cartridge door release button (to open the front door)
  12. Standard output bin
  13. Easy-access USB port (on the side of the control panel). Insert a USB flash drive for printing or scanning without a computer or to update the printer firmware. An administrator must enable this port before use.
  14. Hardware integration pocket (for connecting accessory and third-party devices)
  15. Physical keyboard (Flow models only). Pull the keyboard straight out to use it. Close the keyboard when it is not in use.
  16. 1 x 550-sheet paper feeder with stand (optional)
  17. Right door for optional 1 x 550-sheet paper feeder with stand (Access for clearing jams)
  18. Stapler-cartridge door (z models only)
  19. Stapling mailbox right door (z models only) (Access for clearing jams)
  20. 3 x 550-sheet paper feeder with stand (optional)
  21. 900-sheet 3-bin stapling mailbox (z models only)
  22. High-capacity paper feeder and 550-sheet paper feeder with stand (optional)

Printer back view

    Figure : Printer rear view
  1. Formatter cover
  2. Formatter (contains the interface ports)
  3. Left door (access to the toner-collection unit)
  4. Power connection
  5. Slot for a cable-type security lock
  6. Serial number and product number label

Interface ports

    Figure : Interface ports
  1. Fax port (z model only. The port is covered on the dh model.)
  2. Local area network (LAN) Ethernet 10/100/1000 Ethernet network port
  3. Hi-Speed USB 2.0 printing port
  4. USB port for connecting external USB devices (this port might be covered). For easy-access USB printing, use the USB port near the control panel.

Control-panel view

The Home screen provides access to the printer features and indicates the current status of the printer.
Return to the Home screen at any time by touching the Home button on the left side of the printer control panel, or touch the Home button in the upper-left corner of most screens.
For more information about the printer-control-panel features, go to www.hp.com/support/colorljE67650mfp or www.hp.com/support/colorljE67660mfp Select Manuals, and then select General reference.
The features that appear on the Home screen can vary, depending on the printer configuration.
    Figure : Printer control panel
  1. Home button
  2. Applications area
  3. Reset button
  4. Sign In or Sign Out button
  5. Information button
  6. Help button
  7. Current time
  8. Start Copy button
  9. Copy count
  10. Home-screen page indicator
  11. Keyboard (Flow models only)
  12. Easy-access USB port
  13. Hardware integration pocket (HIP)

How to use the touchscreen control panel

Use the following actions to use the printer touchscreen control panel.
Touch an item on the screen to select that item or open that menu. Also, when scrolling through menus, briefly touch the screen to stop the scrolling.
Touch the Settings icon to open the Settings app.
Touch the screen and then move your finger horizontally to scroll the screen sideways.
Swipe until the Settings app displays.
Touch the screen and then move your finger vertically to scroll the screen up and down. When scrolling through menus, briefly touch the screen to stop the scrolling.
Scroll through the Settings app.






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