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Samsung Printers - Printer Hacked or PewDiePie spam message printed unexpectedly


Call-to-action spam message to subscribe YouTube Star PewDiePie is printed unexpectedly from an unsecured, networked Samsung printer when connected to the internet. Other printed spam data from the internet might also be received.
Figure : Spam message printed from an unsecured printer
Image show the spam message printed from an unsecured printer


On Friday, November 30, 2018, Internet-connected printers were reported "hacked" and printing pages with a call-to-action to support YouTube Star PewDiePie emerged. HP is aware of these reports of printers being accessed and printing unexpected documents not printed by the user. Unsecured printers can receive spam data printed unexpectedly when a printing port is listening to printing data from the network. This is not a vulnerability or security issue and can be prevented by securing the printer with recommended security protocols and authentication settings.


Configure security protocols and authentication settings as recommended by HP for networked printers with internet access. To do this, configure security settings in the printer's Embedded Web Server (EWS) and in the printer driver.
The following settings are recommendations based on printer usage in TCP/IP network environments applying IP Filtering to enable printers to accept print jobs from only specific IP ranges, and to apply Authentication and Job Accounting settings to enable the printer restrict printing to only authenticated users. Adjust the settings as needed depending on the requirements of your print environment.
Not all settings are available on all printers and the setting options will vary depending on the printer model and firmware version installed, and therefore might be found on different tabs in the EWS. Please refer to the User Guide for printer-specific configuration options.