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HP ENVY 7100, 7800 Printers - Control Panel Features

This document is for HP ENVY Photo 7120, 7130, 7134, 7155, 7158, 7164, 7820, 7830, 7855, 7858, and 7864 All-in-One printers.
The control panel includes buttons, icons, and a touchscreen to select print options.

Control panel buttons and lights

From the control panel, access the Home button, verify wireless connectivity, and access Help menus.
Printer control panel buttons, icons, and lights
1. Power button: Turns on and turns off the printer.
2. Back button: Returns to the previous screen.
3. Help button: Opens the Help menu for the current operation.
4. Home button: Returns the control panel to the Home screen.
5. Touchscreen display: Touch the screen to select menu options, or swipe your finger across the display to scroll through the menu items.
6. Wireless status light: Indicates the status of the printer wireless connection. A solid blue light indicates that a wireless connection is established and that you can print wirelessly. If the wireless feature is turned off, the wireless light is off and the Wireless Summary screen displays Wireless Off.

Control panel menus

Touch the control panel to select print, fax, copy, scan and apps options from the main menu. Swipe your finger across the display to scroll through the shortcuts or down the display to open the Dashboard.
Fax, ethernet, and USB features are only available on the HP ENVY Photo 7800 printer series.
Printer control panel display menus
1. Setup: Displays the setup screen to change preferences, network setup, Wi-Fi Direct, fax setup, maintenance settings, and print reports.
2. / Wireless/Ethernet icon: The Wireless icon opens the Wireless Summary menu to check wireless status and change wireless settings. You can print a wireless test report to help diagnose network connection issues. If there is no network connection, the Wireless icon displays by default.
3. HP ePrint icon: Opens the Web Services Summary menu to check ePrint status details, change ePrint settings, or print a Web Services Information page.
4. Wi-Fi Direct icon: Opens the Wi-Fi Direct menu to turn on or off Wi-Fi Direct printing and display the Wi-Fi Direct name and password.
5. Ink icon: Displays estimated ink levels by ink cartridge. The icon displays a warning symbol if the ink level is less than the minimum expected ink level.
6. Fax status icon: Opens status information for the Auto Answer function, fax logs, and the fax sound volume.
7. Eco icon: Opens the Eco menu where you can configure some of the printer's environmental features.
8. USB: Displays options to print from or scan to a USB device. This icon only displays when a USB device is connected.
9. Copy: Displays options to copy documents, photos, or IDs, and change copy settings.
10. Scan: Displays options to scan to a computer or email.
11. Photo: Displays options to print photos from a memory card or USB storage device.
12. Fax: Displays options to quickly send a fax or change fax settings.
13. Apps: Displays downloaded print apps.






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