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HP PageWide Pro 750, MFP 772, 777 - Problem-solving checklist

Follow these steps when trying to solve a problem with the product:

Check that the product power is on

  1. If the power button is not lit, press it to turn the product on.
  2. If the power button does not seem to work, ensure that the power cable is connected to both the product and the electrical or AC outlet.
  3. If the product is still not powering up, check the power source by connecting the power cable to a different electrical or AC outlet.

Check the control panel for error messages

The control panel should indicate ready status. If an error message appears, resolve the error.

Test print functionality

  1. Open the control panel dashboard (swipe the dashboard tab at the top of any screen downward, or touch the strip at the top of the home screen).
  2. On the control panel dashboard, touch (Setup).
  3. Touch Reports, and then touch Printer Status Report to print a test page.
  4. If the report does not print, make sure paper is loaded in the tray, and check the control panel to see if paper is jammed inside the product.
    Make sure the paper in the tray meets specifications for this product.

Test copy functionality

  1. Place the Printer Status page into the document feeder and make a copy. If paper does not feed smoothly through the document feeder, you might need to clean the document feeder rollers and separation pad. Make sure the paper meets specifications for this product.
  2. Place the Printer Status page onto the scanner glass and make a copy.
  3. If the print quality on the copied pages is not acceptable, clean the scanner glass and the small glass strip.

Test the fax-sending functionality

  1. On the control panel, touch the Fax icon.
  2. In the display, touch the Fax Setup icon.
  3. Touch Tools, and then touch Run Fax Test.

Test the fax-receiving functionality

  1. On the control panel, touch the Fax icon.
  2. In the display, touch the Fax Setup icon.
  3. Touch Tools, and then touch Run Fax Test.
  4. Use another fax machine to send a fax to the product.
  5. Review and reset the product fax settings.

Try sending a print job from a computer

  1. Use a word-processing program to send a print job to the product.
  2. If the job does not print, make sure you selected the correct printer driver.
  3. Uninstall and then reinstall the product software.

Test the plug-and-print USB functionality

  1. Load a PDF, Microsoft Office file (except Excel), or photo onto a USB flash drive, and insert it in the USB slot on the left side of the product.
  2. The Memory Device Options menu opens. Try printing the document or photo.
  3. If no documents are listed, try a different type of USB flash drive.

Factors that affect product performance

Several factors affect the time it takes to print a job:
  • The software program that you are using and its settings
  • The use of special paper (such as heavy paper and custom-size paper)
  • Product processing and download time
  • The complexity and size of graphics
  • The speed of the computer you are using
  • The USB or network connection
  • The type of USB drive, if you are using one
  • Whether the product is printing on one side or two sides
  • The number of different media types in the print job
  • Printing from Tray 1 when it is set to Any Size and Any Type, which requires the product to handle many different media sizes and types
  • More print jobs with fewer pages






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