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HP Printers - Blue Screen Error or Flashing Lights while Connecting to Wireless Network (Windows, Europe)

This document is for HP printers connected to certain brands of Ubee wireless routers used in some countries/regions in Europe.
When the printer attempts to connect to your wireless network, one of the following issues occur:
  • Printer freezes and all lights on the control panel blink (printers without a control panel).
  • Printer freezes and displays a blue screen error B84499132, B8473A86, 0xb83d210c (or similar) on the control panel.
This issue has been known to happen with one or more local Internet service providers (ISP) in some countries in Europe, after router firmware has been updated. These errors have occurred when using printers on a wireless network from Ubee router models EVW3226 and UVW321B.
Figure : Example of the error on the printer control panel
 Image: Error message on blue screen

Step 1: Update the router firmware

A new firmware update for the router might be available to fix the issue. Contact your ISP or the router manufacturer to update the router firmware.
  • If the router firmware is outdated, follow the on-screen instructions to update the firmware, and then try to reconnect to the wireless network. If the issue persists, continue to the next step.
  • If the router firmware is up to date, continue to the next step.

Step 2: Find your router IP Address

Find the router IP address from any computer or device with Windows that is already connected wirelessly to your router.
  1. Search Windows for Command Prompt, and then open Command Prompt from the list of search results.
    If your computer is using Windows XP, you can find and open a Command Prompt from Accessories in the Start menu.
  2. In the Command Prompt window, type ipconfig, and then press Enter.
  3. Scroll up and find the Wireless LAN settings section in the list.
  4. Write down the address of the IPv4 Address, the Subnet Mask, and the Default Gateway on a piece of paper. You need these numbers later.
    Figure : Default Gateway for a wireless connection
     Image: Command prompt showing the IPv4 Address, the Subnet Mask, and the Default Gateway for a wireless connection in Windows

Step 3: Restore printer network defaults

To release the printer from the error and bad wireless network connection, reset the printer and clear the network defaults.

Step 4: Connect to your printer using HP Wireless Direct or Wi-Fi Direct

HP Wireless Direct and Wi-Fi Direct allow your printer to broadcast a limited wireless connection. You can use this wireless connection to access the printer network settings using the embedded web server (EWS).

Step 5: Assign an IP address to your printer

Use the printer EWS to assign network settings that work with the Ubee router.
  1. Open a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, and then type in the address line.
    A website for your printer displays in the browser window. If the site does not open correctly, try another Internet browser, and make sure the computer is connected to the HP Wireless Direct or Wi-Fi Direct connection.
  2. Click the Network tab, and then select Network Address (IP) from the side navigation bar.
  3. Click Manual IP.
  4. Fill out the first three fields for the Manual IP Address using the first three numbers of the Manual IPv4 address that you wrote down in Step 1: Find your router IP Address.
  5. Fill out the fourth Manual IP address number using a number between 240 and 254. This number should not be the same as the fourth number in the IPv4 address that was written earlier.
    The IP address you assign to your printer needs to be outside the DHCP range of your router and it cannot be the same address as any other device on your network. If problems continue after you complete this process, the DHCP range of your router might need to be reduced using your router's embedded setup page. Contact your Internet service provider (ISP) for further assistance.
  6. Fill out the Manual Subnet Mask and Manual Default Gateway fields using the same information you wrote down in Step 1: Find your router IP Address.
    Figure : Example of a printer embedded web server
     Image: Embedded web server showing network options for the printer
  7. In the Manual Preferred DNS Server field, type the same values used for the Manual Default Gateway.
  8. Click Apply.
  9. Restore power to the router, or turn it on and wait until the network comes online.
  10. On the computer in the EWS window, click Wireless (802.11) from the side navigation bar.
  11. Click Wireless Setup Wizard, and then follow the instruction to connect your printer to your router.
  12. Reconnect your computer to your wireless network in Windows.






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