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HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 color M551 - Configure trays

The product automatically prompts you to configure a tray for type and size in the following situations:
  • When you load paper into the tray
  • When you specify a particular tray or media type for a print job through the printer driver or a software program and the tray is not configured to match the print-job’s settings
The prompt does not appear if you are printing from Tray 1, and it is configured for the Any Size and Any Type settings. In this situation, if the print job does not specify a tray, the product prints from Tray 1, even if the paper size and type settings in the print job do not match the paper loaded in Tray 1.

Configure a tray when loading paper

Print labels from TRAY 2 only.
  1. Load paper in the tray. Close the tray if you are using Tray 2 or 3.
  2. The tray configuration message appears.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Press the OK button to accept the size and type.
    • To modify the tray size configuration, press the down arrow to highlight the Modify option, and then press the OK button.
      1. Press the down arrow to highlight the correct size, and then press the OK button.
      2. Press the down arrow to highlight the correct type, and then press the OK button.

Configure a tray to match print job settings

  1. In the software program, specify the source tray, the paper size, and the paper type.
  2. Send the job to the product.
    If the tray needs to be configured, the tray configuration message appears.
  3. Load the tray with the specified size and type of paper, and then close the tray.
  4. When the size and type confirmation messages appear, press the OK button to confirm the paper size and type.

Configure a tray from the control panel

You can also configure the trays for size and type without a prompt from the product.
  1. Press the Home button.
  2. Open the Trays menu.
  3. Press the down arrow to highlight the size or type setting for the desired tray, and then press the OK button.
  4. Press the up arrow or the down arrow to highlight the size or type. If you select a custom size, select the unit of measure, and then set the X dimension and the Y dimension.
  5. Press the OK button to save your selection.
  6. Press the Home button to exit the menus.

Automatic overhead transparency sensing (auto sense mode)

The automatic media type sensor functions only when that tray is configured to the Any Type setting. Configuring a tray to any other type, such as Bond or Glossy, deactivates the media sensor in that tray.
The product can automatically classify paper types into one of two categories:
  • Non-transparency
  • Transparency
For more control, a specific type must be selected in the job or configured in a tray.

Auto-sense settings

Full sensing (Tray 1 only)
  • The product distinguishes between transparencies (Transparency mode) and paper (Normal mode).
  • Each time the product prints a page, it senses transparencies or non-transparencies.
  • This is the slowest mode.
Transparency only
  • The product distinguishes between transparencies (Transparency mode) and paper (Normal mode).
  • The product assumes that the second and all subsequent pages are of the same media type as the first page.
  • This is the fastest mode and is useful for high-volume printing in Normal mode.

Select the paper by source, type, or size

In the Microsoft Windows operating system, three settings affect how the printer driver tries to pull media when you send a print job. Source, Type, and Size settings appear in the Page Setup, Print, Preferences, or Print Properties dialog boxes in most software programs. Unless you change these settings, the product automatically selects a tray using the default settings.


To print by source, select a specific tray in the printer driver for the product to pull from. If you select a tray that is configured for a type or size that does not match your print job, the product prompts you to load the tray with the type or size of paper for your print job before printing it. When you load the tray, the product begins printing.

Type and size

  • Printing by type or size causes the product to pull from the tray that is loaded with the correct type and size of paper.
  • Selecting paper by type rather than source helps protect special paper from accidental use.
  • Using the wrong setting might result in unsatisfactory print quality. Always print by type for special print media, such as labels or transparencies.
  • Print by type or size for envelopes, if possible.
  • To print by type or size, select the type or size from the Page Setup dialog box, the Print dialog box, the Preferences dialog box, or the Print Properties dialog box, depending on the software program.
  • If you often print on a certain type or size of paper, configure a tray for that type or size. Then, when you select that type or size as you print a job, the product automatically pulls paper from the tray that is configured for that type or size.






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