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HP LaserJet Enterprise and Pro - 'Mail System Error Returned Mail' message received or the ePrint job did not print


This document applies to HP LaserJet Enterprise Printers and MFPs that have been successfully registered at the HP ePrint Center or HP Connected. When trying to send a print job from a mobile device or laptop to the printer, the print job fails, or a 'Mail System Error Returned Mail' error message is received.
IMPORTANT: ePrint jobs can take a few minutes to print. If there is an issue with the HP printer such as no paper or if the printer is offline, the print job will stay on the ePrint server for 24 hours. The server will check the HP printer's status regularly. After 24 hours, the server will delete the print job.


When an ePrint job does not print or a 'Mail System Error Returned Mail' error message is received, there can be many possible causes occurring at either the printer, the ePrint service, the email or attachment, or the mobile device. Use the following list of causes to help identify the root of the issue and then click the link to go to the appropriate solution:
This document does not apply to Apple AirPrint. For information about other ePrint and mobile printing solutions, go to HP ePrint and mobile printing solutions.
Printer issue
ePrint issue
Email or attachment issue
Mobile device issue


Find the possible cause and available solution in the following list:
Some of the following solutions include steps to physically interact with the HP printer. If you are away from the HP printer, you need to enlist the help of someone who has access to the HP printer.

ePrint is turned off on the printer

The HP printer's ePrint feature is turned off.
Solution: On the HP printer control panel, turn the ePrint feature on and then resend the print job.

The email address is incorrect

The HP printer's email address might have been entered incorrectly.
ePrint does not allow auto-forwarding at this time.
Solution: Check the HP printer's email address.

The email was sent to multiple printers or recipients

HP’s ePrint service only accepts emails sent to a single recipient. This protects you from unintended printing.
Solution: Resend the email to only one HP printer or remove any added recipients.

The attachments is not a supported file type

One or more of the attachments are a file type that is not supported by ePrint.
Solution: Make sure that the attachments are one of the following supported file types:
  • Text files (.txt)
  • PDF files
  • HTML files
  • Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx)
  • Microsoft Excel* (.xls and .xlsx)
  • Image files** (bmp, gif, jpg, png, and tiff)
* HP recommends that you preview Excel files before printing.
** Image files that you submit as attachments print by default on 101.6 x 152.4 mm (4 x 6 in) photo paper from the photo tray. The printer owner can select a different paper tray from the printer control panel.

The printer's firmware needs to be updated

The HP printer's firmware is not current.
Solution: If you have an HP LaserJet Enterprise printer, make sure the firmware is up to date. For instructions, go to Update firmware using a USB flash drive or the Embedded Web Server (EWS).

The ePrint service has an issue

The print job could not be printed at this time due to an issue with the ePrint service.
Solution: Send the print job again at a later time.

The printer has an error

The HP printer experienced an error and requires attention.
Solution: Check for any errors that might display on the HP printer's control panel and then follow any control panel prompts to resolve the issue.
If there are no control panel prompts, go to support.hp.com, type the printer number in the search field, and then browse for the support document that covers the issue.

The printer is offline

The HP printer is offline.
Solution: Check the HP printer control panel to make sure that it is online. You can also print a network configuration page from the HP printer control panel to check the status of the HP printer.

Photo quality is too low

Low quality photos can cause a print job to fail.
Solution: Send only photos that have a horizontal resolution and a vertical resolution of more than 100 dpi. You can open the photo's properties to check the width and length.
Workaround: To print a photo or image that is less than 100 dpi horizontally and vertically, insert the image file into and save it as a Word document, and then try again to email the print job. Your image will print on paper from the HP printer's main paper tray.

Your email address is not on the Allowed Senders List

If you do not have permission to use the HP printer, you can try to email a print job but the printer will not receive it. Your email address must be on the HP printer’s Allowed Senders List (created by the owner of the HP printer) in order to email a print job to the HP printer.
Solution: Ask the owner of the HP printer to add your email address to the Allowed Senders List and then try again to email the print job.

Print jobs are stuck in the print queue (iOS devices only)

There might be other print jobs stuck in the print queue on your Apple mobile device.
Solution: Follow these steps to clear the print queue:
  1. On your iOS device, press the Home button () twice. A dock displays a list of recently used applications, including Print Center.
    Print Center is strictly a status monitor for print jobs that displays only when you email a print job to the HP printer.
  2. Tap the Print Center icon. The Print Order screen displays.
  3. Tap the print job and then tap Cancel Printing. Repeat this step for any other print jobs in the queue.
  4. Press the Home button () to return to the Home screen.

The email had more than ten attachments

More than ten file attachments will cause a print job to fail.
Solution: Send ten or fewer attachments per email.

The total size of the email or each attachment exceeded the 5 MB limit

There is a 5 MB limit to the content of each email. There is also a 5 MB limit to each attachment. Emails that exceed these limits do not print.
Solution: Make sure that the content of your email and each attachment is no more than 5 MB.
You can send up to ten attachments per email.

An email attachment contained a virus or macro

Attachments that contain a virus or a macro will cause the print job to fail.
Solution: Scan the attachments for viruses and then remove any macros.

The printer is busy

The HP printer is currently busy printing other jobs and the latest print job has not yet printed.
If the HP printer is busy, print jobs will stay on the ePrint server for 24 hours. The server will check the HP printer's status regularly and will resend the print job when the printer is not busy. After 24 hours, the server deletes the print job. If you resend the print job before the printer is ready, the print job will not print immediately but might print twice later.
Solution: Wait for the print job to print to help save paper and ink.

The printer is turned off

The HP printer is turned off.
Solution: Press the Power button () or switch to turn on the HP printer.

The print job was canceled by the printer owner

A user at the HP printer or the HP printer owner canceled the print job.
Solution: Try again to email the print job.

The email had an attachment but did not have text in the body of the email

If the email had an attachment but did not have text in the body of the email, you may receive an error 'Your print job was received, but could not be printed'.
Solution: Add text in the body of the email and then try again to send the print job and attachment.






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