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HP Designjet T1100 and T1120 MFP Series Products - Optimize Color Accuracy

Optimize color accuracy

Follow the guidelines below to ensure color accuracy.
  • Make sure your scanner's glass plate and white background are clean and you have recently performed scanner maintenance including cleaning and calibration.
  • Make sure your scanner has warmed up for at least one hour before copying.
  • Do you have a media profile for the specific media type that is in the printer? If not, you will need to create a new media profile.
  • Have you selected for the job the media profile that was created for the specific media in the printer? If not you have to select it through the Copy tab, Media Profile.
  • Are you copying an original that was printed with this system or on another inkjet printer? If yes, than you must select the "Ink Printer Original" option in the Copy tab, Settings dialog or the Print tab, Settings dialog.
  • Are you copying a color map and some of the colors in the copy appear as gray? Make sure the Enhance Gray option under the type of original template is not selected. Copy tab, Type of original, Tool button, More, Enhance Gray