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HP Designjet EFI Designer Edition RIP - Undefined Spot Color

The EFI Designer Edition RIP is displaying the message undefined spot color.
The error messages displayed in the program window are preceded by the word "input", "color", "print" or "port" to indicate at which stage of processing the problem occurred.
Define the spot color in EFI Color Editor.
Defining a Spot Color
Use the following steps to define a Spot Color.
  1. Pause and highlighted the print job in the RIP software, click Job Settings button on the lower right portion of the RIP queue window to show the Job Settings Drawer.
  2. Click Spot Colors button on the Info tab of the Job Settings Drawer.
  3. If the job has already been processed (RIPped), any Spot color in the document will be listed. If the job has not yet processed, close Spot Colors window and click Preview to process the job, and then return to the Spot Colors window.
  4. Click Check Spot Colors button to check for any undefined Spot colors.
  5. Undefined Spot colors will be indicated with a red X.
  6. Click Edit Spot Colors button if any undefined Spot colors appear to access the EFI Color Editor.
  7. Any undefined Spot color is automatically listed in the Color Editor list.
  8. Double click on a listed undefined Spot color to define it.
  9. Select Spot color type from the drop down list.
  10. Give the Spot color a name.
    The name must mach the name of the Spot color used in the application exactly.
  11. Plug in the values in the spaces below to define the color. A preview of the color is given to allow for visual accuracy check. A comment about the Spot color can be enter if required.
  12. Click Add. The Spot color will appear in the Color Editor list.
Completed steps 8 through 13 for each of the undefined Spot colors in the document
Saving Spot Color File
  1. Click Save, give the Color Table a name and select where it is to be saved
  2. Close Color Editor and click Select button in the Settings section of the Spot Colors window.
  3. Navigate to the saved Color table, select and click Open.The table will appear in the Spot Color File field with a .bct extension.
  4. Click Preferences to change any Job level preferences for Spot Colors
    1. Print unknown spot colors as bright orange: Any undefined Spot colors will print as a distinctive bright orange to clearly identify a color in your document that is unattainable with the current settings.
    2. Warn if unknown spot colors are found: Provides an on screen warning prior to output to indicate any undefined spot colors which will not print accurately.
    3. In-RIP separation: If the print job has been processed by an external RIP (a RIP other than EFI) and contains settings applied in that RIP. The settings below will apply in the following ways: 1. Disable - Ignore any previously defined RIP settings and exclusively utilize EFI’s settings only. 2. Enable - Apply the previously defined RIP settings and ignore EFI’s RIP settings. 3. Force - Causes the EFI RIP to make a decision as to which settings to apply. This is based on an accuracy reading and availability of the previously defined settings in the PS or PDF file.
    4. HP Professional PANTONE Emulation (EFI v4.2 ONLY) i. Selected by default if the printer supports HP Professional Pantone Emulation. When activated, all Pantone Spot colors in the job are converted to CMYK values the printer requires to accurately print the colors. Color management for these colors in the EFI RIP is ignored. All other colors will be color managed by the EFI RIP.
  5. Close Preferences window when you have applied any required settings.
  6. Click Check Spot Colors button to rescan for any undefined Spot colors. A check mark should appear next to any previously undefined colors.
  7. Click OK on the Spot Colors window.
  8. Resend the print job.
The print job received by the RIP contains a Spot color or Spot colors that have not yet been defined for the RIP in the EFI Color Editor. Spot colors, such as Pantone, DIC or HSB that are used in a document must also be defined in the RIP for accurate processing. Use the EFI Color Editor as instructed above to define the spot color(s) in the document. EFI’s Help file contains detailed information that may assist in resolving this. Access the Help file by clicking Help button on the EFI toolbar, or by visiting Help menu in the menu bar.






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