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HP LaserJet Pro - Installing the printer software in Windows on a wireless network

Learn how to install the printer software on a Windows computer using a wireless network connection.


The HP printer must be set up before you install the printer software. If you have not already set up the printer, follow the instructions for setting up your printer hardware before installing the software.

Learn about software download options

Review the following information to learn about the options that are available for downloading software for your HP printer.

Software download options

Download option


HP Easy Start (

HP Easy Start is an automated installation tool that detects the computer operating system and the HP printer model in order to download and install the most up-to-date printer software.

Use this method to easily install the full software solution to take advantage of all the printer features and options.

Software and Driver downloads page

The downloads page lists the software, driver, and firmware options that are available to download and install.

Use this method if you want to install a full software solution or install a print driver only (via the Add Printer Wizard).

Additional software information

Downloading the software is free from the HP Web site and it includes the latest printer-specific drivers, installer software, and other administrative tools.

The software available from the HP website is the most current software available for your printer. HP often updates software and drivers after the printer has released to the market.

Downloading the latest firmware that is available for your printer ensures that your printer is up-to-date. Firmware updates provide minor fixes and improvements for the printer.

Learn about print driver options

Some printer models have multiple print drivers available to choose from. The table below lists the driver types (for Windows operating systems) that could be available for your printer.


The driver types that are available depend on your specific printer model. Some printer models have only one driver available.

Print driver options

Driver type


HP PCL 6 print driver

The HP PCL 6 print driver is the default print driver. The HP PCL 6 print driver has the following characteristics:

  • Recommended for all Windows environments and for most printing needs, including general office applications, such as word processing or spreadsheets

  • Provides the overall best speed, print quality, and printer-feature support for most users

  • Developed to align with the Windows Graphic Device Interface (GDI) for the best speed in Windows environments

  • Might not be fully compatible with third-party and custom software programs that are based on PCL 5

HP Universal Print Driver (UPD)

The HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) for Windows is designed to easily manage print environments with multiple printers on a network.

The HP UPD is a good choice for a print-only printer because this driver ONLY provides print capability.

For more information about the UPD, go to


The option to download the UPD is also available via this link.

Step one: Prepare the printer for wireless connection

Before installing the software, you must prepare your printer for a wireless connection.


The steps vary according to the type of control panel.

Touchscreen with white background

White control panel examples

Touchscreen with black background

Black control panel examples

2-line LCD with keypad

2-line control panel examples

Find your printer control-panel type in the options listed below and then follow the steps to prepare your printer for a wireless connection.


If your printer is connected to a wired network with an Ethernet cable, disconnect it now.

Step two: Install the printer software

Choose one of the options below to download and install the printer software on your computer.