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HP PCs - Using HP Support Assistant (Windows)

HP Support Assistant helps keep your HP computer in working order by finding updates and providing troubleshooting tools.

To open HP Support Assistant, click the app icon in the task bar, or search Windows for support assistant.

For instructions on how to install and use the HP Support Assistant software designed for the Chrome operating system (Chrome OS), see HP Chromebooks and HP Chromebases - HP Support Assistant for Chrome operating system.

Download and install HP Support Assistant

Download and install the latest version of HP Support Assistant.

Go to Download HP Support Assistant to download and install the tool.


If you are looking for a tool to download software updates for an HP business PC, go to HP PCs - Using HP Image Assistant.

Change the update schedule and notifications settings in HP Support Assistant

Set preferences for when HP Support Assistant checks for updates or displays notifications.

  1. Click Settings icon in the left toolbar of the HP Support Assistant window.

  2. Change the settings in each section as necessary.

Update the PC with HP Support Assistant

Use HP Support Assistant to find and install updates, including BIOS updates, for your computer with Windows.


HP Support Assistant is not available for Windows 10 in S mode. If your computer is running Windows 10 in S mode, use Windows Update to check for updated software and drivers. For more information, see HP PCs - Frequently Asked Questions about Windows in S Mode (Windows 11, Windows 10).

  1. In Windows, search for and open HP Support Assistant, or click the app icon in the taskbar.


    Make sure that you are using HP Support Assistant version 8 or later. If this version of the app is not installed on your computer, download the latest version from the HP Support Assistant website.

  2. On the My Dashboard tab, find your computer, and then click Updates.

  3. Wait while HP Support Assistant analyzes the system.

  4. After the analysis completes, select the listed updates, download and install the updates, and then follow any on-screen instructions.

  5. If prompted, restart the computer, and then close the tool.

Troubleshoot computer and device issues with HP Support Assistant

Use diagnostic tools, guided troubleshooters, and how-to documents to troubleshoot hardware and software issues.

  1. On the My Dashboard tab, click Fixes & Diagnostics.

    Selecting Fixes & Diagnostics
  2. Select one of the options on the screen that relates to the issue you are experiencing or select Guided Troubleshooting to launch a virtual agent.

  3. Additional resources and troubleshooting tools are located on the Software & Drivers, Messages, and Support Resources tabs.

Add an HP device to HP Support Assistant

Add an HP computer, printer, or other device to HP Support Assistant.

Printers must be connected directly to your computer or be on the same local network.

  1. If you are connecting an external device like a printer, be sure that it is on and in a ready state.

  2. On the My Dashboard tab, click Add device.

    Selecting Add device
  3. Click Detect my devices to view a list of available devices to add.

    If your device does not display, type your serial number in the Serial number box and then click Find my device.

  4. Click your device name, type a nickname for your device, and then click Add device.

Find product and serial numbers with HP Support Assistant

Find your computer name, product number, and serial number with HP Support Assistant.

  1. In Windows, search for and open HP Support Assistant, or click the app icon in the taskbar.

    If the app is not installed on your computer, go to HP Support Assistant to download the latest version.
  2. On the My Dashboard tab, locate the computer product name, product number, and serial number.

    Finding the computer product name, product number, and serial number

Fix problems related to HP Support Assistant

Resolve issues when HP Support Assistant does not work as expected.

Update HP Support Assistant

Download the latest version of HP Support Assistant.

  1. Go to HP Support Assistant.

  2. Install the latest version.

Uninstall and reinstall HP Support Assistant

Uninstall, and then reinstall HP Support Assistant to fix issues with the software.

  1. Search for and open Add or remove programs in Windows.

  2. Select HP Support Assistant from the Apps & features list.

  3. Click Uninstall, and then click Uninstall again to confirm.

    Click uninstall in apps & features
  4. Restart your computer.

  5. Go to HP Support Assistant and download the latest version.

  6. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.






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