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EliteDisplay E273q, HP USB-C Docks - Monitor Does Not Work Properly When Connected by DisplayPort

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Release date : 31-Oct-2018

Last updated : 31-Oct-2018

The following issues may occur when using an HP EliteDisplay E273q 27-inch Monitor connected to a DisplayPort on the docks listed in the SCOPE:
  • The monitor does not wake up when the computer resumes from stand by or sleep.
  • The monitor turns off when the user changes display modes (e.g., switch from Extend mode to Duplicate mode).
  • The E273q display OSD shows that the DisplayPort input is inactive (no signal).
  • The computer detects a "ghost" (non-existent) 3rd display when in Extend mode or Duplicate mode; the mouse cursor can move off-screen to the ghost monitor.

The information in this document applies to the following:
  • HP EliteDisplay E273q 27-inch Monitor
Docks and firmware versions:
  • HP Elite USB-C Dock G3: firmware versions prior to version F.16
  • HP USB-C Dock G4: firmware versions prior to version F.37
To resolve this issue, update the dock firmware:

Hardware platforms affected : HP Elite USB-C Dock G3, HP EliteDisplay E273q 27-inch Monitor, HP USB-C Dock G4

Operating systems affected : Not applicable

Software affected : Not applicable

Support Communication Cross Reference ID : IA06177198

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