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Samsung Xpress Color MFP SL-C48x - Replacing the Waste Toner Container

This document explains how to replace the waste toner container. When the life span of the waste toner container has expired, a waste toner container-related message appears on the control panel screen display, indicating the waste toner container needs to be replaced. Check the waste toner container for your machine.
  • Toner particles can be released inside the machine but it does not mean the machine is damaged. If print quality problems occur, contact HP Customer Support.
  • When pulling out the waste toner container out of the machine, move the container carefully to prevent dropping the container.
  • Make sure to lay the waste container on a flat surface to prevent spilling any toner.
Do not tilt or turn over the container.

Replacing the waste toner container

Use these steps to replace the waste toner container.
  1. Open the front cover.
    Figure : Opening the front cover
  2. Remove the toner cartridges by pulling on the handles.
    Figure : Pulling on the handles to remove toner cartridges
  3. Remove the old waste toner container by pulling on the handle (1). Remove the new waste toner container from its packaging (2).
    Figure : Removing old waste toner container, and then inserting new waste toner container
    Make sure to remove old waste toner container carefully to prevent spilling.
  4. Insert the new waste toner tank by pushing gently on the handle.
    Figure : Inserting the new waste toner tank
  5. Slide the toner cartridges back into the printer, matching the proper colors.
    Figure : Reinserting the toner cartridges
  6. Close the front cover, and then resume printing.
    Figure : Closing front cover