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Samsung Xpress Color MFP SL-C480 - Loading Originals

Illustrations on this user’s guide might differ from the printer depending on its options or models. Check the printer type, see Front view.

Preparing originals

  • Do not load paper smaller than 142 x 148 mm (5.6 x 5.8 inches) or larger than 216 x 356 mm (8.5 x 14 inches).
  • Do not attempt to load the following types of paper to prevent paper jams, low print quality, and printer damage.
    • Carbon-paper or carbon-backed paper
    • Coated paper
    • Onion skin or thin paper
    • Wrinkled or creased paper
    • Curled or rolled paper
    • Torn paper
  • Remove all staples and paper clips from the document before loading it.
  • Make sure that any glue, ink, or correction fluid on the document is completely dry before loading it.
  • Do not load original documents that include different sizes or weights of paper.
  • Do not load booklets, pamphlets, transparencies, or documents with other unusual characteristics.

Loading originals

Use the scanner glass or the document feeder to load an original for copying, scanning, and sending a fax.
Illustrations on this user’s guide might differ from the printer depending on its options or models. Check the printer type, see Front view.

On the scanner glass

Use the scanner glass to copy or scan originals. It is possible to get the best scan quality, especially for colored or gray-scaled images. Make sure that no originals are in the document feeder. If an original is detected in the document feeder, the printer gives it priority over the original on the scanner glass.
  1. Lift and open the scanner lid.
    Figure : Open lid
  2. Place the original face down on the scanner glass. Align it with the registration guide at the top left corner of the glass.
    Figure : Paper alignment
  3. Close the scanner lid.
  • Leaving the scanner lid open while copying might affect copy quality and toner consumption.
  • Dust on the scanner glass might cause black spots on the printout. Always keep it clean, see Cleaning the machine.
  • When copying a page from a book or magazine, lift the scanner lid until its hinges are caught by the stopper and then close the lid. If the book or magazine is thicker than 30 mm, start copying with the scanner lid open.
  • Be careful not to break the scanner glass. Injury might occur.
  • Do not put hands while closing the scanner lid. The scanner lid might fall on your hands and cause injury.
  • Do not look at the light from inside of the scanner while copying or scanning. It is harmful to eyes.

In the document feeder

  1. Flex or fan the edge of the paper stack to separate the pages before loading originals.
    Figure : Flex or fan
  2. Load the original face up into the document feeder input tray. Make sure that the bottom of the original stack matches the paper size marked on the document input tray.
    Figure : Load paper
  3. Adjust the document feeder width guides to the paper size.
    Figure : Paper guides
    Dust on the document feeder glass might cause black lines on the printout. Always keep the glass clean, see Cleaning the machine.






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