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HP PCs - The Computer Restarts Unexpectedly (Windows 10, 8)

This document is for HP and Compaq computers and tablets with Windows 10 or Windows 8.
If Windows restarts without warning or when you try to shut it down, use this document to resolve the issue.
If the computer restarts unexpectedly but does not start to Windows, go to:
In addition to the steps in this article, updating video card drivers is known to resolve many of the problems that can cause the computer to restart. Go to Downloading or Updating Software and Drivers for HP Computers for more information.

Windows restarts for no apparent reason

To resolve the problem, follow the steps in this section.

Step 1: Disable the automatic restart option to view error messages

Errors might occur but not display with Automatic restart enabled. Disable this option to allow the computer to display error messages instead of restarting.
  1. In Windows, search for and open View advanced system settings.
  2. Click Settings in the Startup and Recovery section.
  3. Remove the check mark next to Automatically restart, and then click OK.
    Location of the Automatically restart check box
  4. Restart the computer.
The computer no longer restarts automatically when a problem occurs. Instead, a blue screen displays with useful information. You can search for a resolution using the information in the error.

Step 2: Check for failed hardware

Hardware problems can cause unexpected results. Go to Testing for Hardware Failures for more information.
Increased heat inside the computer can cause hardware failures. Go to HP Notebook PCs - Reducing Heat Inside the Laptop to Prevent Overheating (notebook computers) or HP Desktop PCs - Reducing Heat Inside the Computer to Prevent Overheating (desktop computers) for more information.

Step 3: Update the BIOS

A BIOS update might resolve unexpected restarts. Choose one of the methods below to check for and download a BIOS update.

Step 4: Perform a System Restore

If the restart issue is recent, restore the computer to a point before the problem began, to resolve the issue. Go to Using Microsoft System Restore (Windows 10, 8) for more information.

Step 5: Recover the computer

If the issue persists, recover the computer back to its original configuration. Go to Resetting Your Computer (Windows 10) or Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows 8) for more information.

Windows restarts after a Windows Update

If restarts occur after a Windows Update or an Automatic Update, perform the following steps.

Step 1: Uninstall the latest Windows Update

Choose your operating system to uninstall the latest Windows Update.

Step 2: Prevent Windows updates from reinstalling the update in Windows 8

In Windows 8, Windows Update might try to reinstall updates that you uninstall. Prevent Windows Update from reinstalling the update on your computer:
The following steps do not apply to computers with Windows 10. In Windows 10, all Windows updates automatically download and install. You cannot choose which updates to install.
  1. In Windows, search for and open Windows Update. Windows Update opens on the Windows desktop.
  2. On the Windows Update window, click Change settings in the left-hand column.
    Location of Change settings in the left-hand column
  3. In the Important updates box, select Check for updates, but let me decide whether to download and install them.
  4. Click the check box next to Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates, and then click OK.
    Changing  Important and Recommended updates
  5. Click one of the links under You're set to automatically install updates. Example: 1 important update is available.
    Links to available updates in the Windows Update window
  6. On the Select updates you want to install window, if the update you uninstalled displays, right-click the update and select Hide update.
    Location of Hide update
    The update is now hidden and will not be installed. To install hidden updates in the future, click Restore hidden updates in Windows Update.






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