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HP Notebook PCs - Using HP MediaSmart Software Photo Features

This document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with Windows 7.
HP MediaSmart software, installed on many notebook models with Windows 7, allows you to view, edit, and sort your photographs. The photographs can be stored in different user-created folders on the hard drive, and the photos can be uploaded to the web and viewed or printed with Snapfish
To import photos to the hard drive from a camera, scanner, or another input device such as a thumb drive, follow the device manufacturer's instructions. Windows allows you to create or rename folders and move files from one folder to another. You can select what folders should be searched for .jpg formatted photographs.
HP MediaSmart software is installed on many HP notebook PCs shipped with Windows 7. Use the HP MediaSmart Photo interface to do the following actions:
Photos on the Hard Drive:
  • View photos - Look through your photos by Date, Folder Name, Ratings and Tags, or make interesting slideshows by adding photo effects with music.
  • Edit photos - Enhance, rotate, crop, and remove red-eye from your photos with a single click.
  • Organize photos - Sort and store all of your photos using personal media management tools, including photo rating, tagging and searching.
  • Print photos - Reframe the image and zoom to highlight an area when you print from your local printer.
  • Share photos to Snapfish to use or print - Share photos with friends and family.
Photos on the Web:
Share photos to Snapfish to use or print - Snapfish access is integrated into the HP MediaSmart Photo application so you easily upload photos to Snapfish, share albums and order prints to pick up at a convenient photo store.

Get the latest version of MediaSmart Music/Video/Picture (MVP)

MediaSmart MVP software is pre-installed on some notebook models delivered with Windows 7 and is available for installation on notebooks that were upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 using the HP Windows Update program.
To download the MediaSmart software, go to the Software & Driver downloads web page. Enter the model or product number, and then select the installed operating system.
MediaSmart Music Video Picture (MVP) is part of a suite of MediaSmart programs you may wish to download and install all of the appropriate MediaSmart modules. Alternately, you can download the current MediaSmart MVP module.

Things you can do with photos on the hard drive

The images you have saved to your hard drive can be modified, viewed, and printed in different ways.
  • Setup - Specify the location of folders for pictures and install a printer.
  • View Photo - Organize photos in folders you create by clicking on a thumbnail of a folder or a file to view them, or select fan view to view all the photos in a folder.
  • Edit Photo - Rotate, crop, remove red eye, enhance, or delete unwanted files.
  • Slideshow - Play a existing slideshow, create a new slideshow, or edit an existing slideshow to add or remove files, add music, or change the style of visual transition and save changes to slideshows.
  • Print - Print a picture using an installed printer by selecting the picture and clicking Print. The print control that allows you to adjust the composition of the image, and zoom in or out on a portion of the image.

Launch MediaSmart Software Photos

To open the MediaSmart software photo features, double-click the MediaSmart icon on the desktop and then select the photo icon from the MediaSmart task bar.

View Photos

HP MediaSmart Photo makes it easy to upload and organize your photos, and create quick photo slideshows with music and special effects for celebrations, family gatherings or any time you want enjoy a group of your photos.
A fast and easy way to view the full size versions os photos stored in folders is the Fan View. Click the Fan View Image icon at the lower right corner of the HP MediaSmart Photo window.

Organize photos in a new slideshow

When you upload or view photos, you can use the MediaSmart Photo feature to create a new slideshow to enjoy them in a fun, new way. To create a new slideshow, follow these steps.
  1. Click Create Slideshow at the bottom of the HP MediaSmart Photo window.
  2. Click the album from which you would like to use photos, and click the add photo icon . You can add photos from different folders into a single slideshow.
  3. Once you added all the photos you would like on your slideshow, click Select music to add music from your HP MediaSmart Music playlist to go along with your slideshow.
    Click the album from which you would like to pull songs, and then click the add song icon . Alternately, click the add song icon next to the album to add the entire album. Once you have you have selected all the songs you would like for your slideshow, click Save.
  4. In the slideshow text field, enter the name you would like to give your playlist and then click Save.
  5. Click Settings to add photo effects to your slideshow, such as cube, cell, fade and motion to transition between photos.
  6. Set the slideshow transition, timing, folders to personalize your picture and then click Save.
To view your new slideshow, click Play Slideshow on the bottom of the HP MediaSmart Photo window. Move the mouse to display the control menu of the slide show to skip, go back, pause, control volume, or return to original screen.

Edit photos

Photos taken on your digital cameras, camera phones, and external drives can be edited using the HP MediaSmart interface. Click a photo in your album and edit your photos by using the different controls.
  • Rotate image - Rotate the photo 90 degrees left or right to change the orientation.
  • Crop - If you would like to limit the photo view to a certain part of the image, click Crop, select the frame to adjust the crop rectangle, and then click and drag the corners of the cropping tool until the desired area is shown. Once the desired area of the photo is selected, click Crop.
  • Fix Red-Eye removal - To take out the red-eye that appears in some photos, click Fix Red-Eye, use the zoom bar to get closer to the red-eye portion of the photo and click once on the eye, or click and drag your mouse around the eye. If you make a mistake, click Undo Change. Once you have corrected the red-eye, click Save.
  • Image Enhancement - Even a poor quality photo can be improved. To enhance your photo, click Auto-Enhance and your photo is automatically becomes a more resilient, sharpened image.

Organize photos

HP MediaSmart Photo makes it easy to search your photos however you like by clicking a tab at the top of the HP MediaSmart Music window. Search your photos using any of the categories listed below.
  • Dates - Search your photo collection by the last few days, month, or even year.
  • Folders - Browse photos by folders by viewing the names of your folders.
  • Ratings - Rate your photos from best (5 stars) to worst (1 star) and then search for your highest rated photos.
  • All photos - See every photo that you have uploaded to HP MediaSmart Photo.
  • Slideshows- Browse through to the slideshows you have created.
  • External drive - View the photos that are on your media or flash drive. The drive will only appear on the menu bar when the USB or other drive is connected.
You can also tag photos by adding the names of people, places, and things in your photos with tabs for quick reference, sorting and search. For example, if you have a photo of your dog Bruno in the yard, you could add “dog,” “Bruno” and “yard” tags to the photo. When you want to see that photo, simply click Search at the bottom left of the HP MediaSmart Photo window, enter those tags into the search box and HP MediaSmart Photo will find that exact photo for you. Using multiple tags per photo also gives you the flexibility to organize photos by various categories.

Print photos

For home printing, just select the photos you’d like to print with HP MediaSmart Photo’s drag-and-drop print option. With one easy click or touch, you can add your print-ready photos to your printing queue.
To print your photos from HP MediaSmart Photo, click Print Photos on the bottom of the MediaSmart Photo window. Click the album or slideshow from which you would like to print, and then click the add photo icon for each photo you would like to print. With the Print Picture controls, you can zoom in or out on the image, and move the image left-right or up-down to change the composition.
If you change your mind about printing certain photos, click and drag the photo to the trash can or click Clear All to remove all the photos from printing.

Share photos to Snapfish to use or print

Access to the Snapfish web service is integrated into the HP MediaSmart Photo application so you easily upload photos to Snapfish, share albums and order prints.
Once you’ve loaded or edited your photos into HP MediaSmart Photo, you can simply and quickly print photos to your Snapfish albums. For home printing, just select the photos you’d like to print with HP MediaSmart Photo’s drag-and-drop print option. With one easy click or touch, you can add your print-ready photos to your printing queue and print away.

Using Snapfish

Snapfish is a free, public site that requires internet access and an account with the Snapfish service. If you already have an account with Snapfish, you can log in and view the photos in your Snapfish albums. Choose pictures by clicking the add photo icon , enter the user name and password when the log in option becomes active.
To create an account for Snapfish using HP MediaSmart Photo, make sure you have an internet connection and click Snapfish in the HP MediaSmart Music menu bar. Click Sign up for an account. When the browser window opens on the Snapfish registration page, enter your information in the text fields and then click go fish!. Your Snapfish account window appears.
From your Snapfish account online, you can upload photos from your camera, share photos among your friends, and shop for different ways to print your photos such as a calendar, greeting cards, photo books, and more.
Return to the log in screen on the HP MediaSmart Photo window and sign into your account to view the photos in your Snapfish albums.






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