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HP Designjet 5500 Printer Series - Embedded Web Server Small Margins Option

The "small margins" option in the Embedded Web Server (Information, Jobs, Submit Job, Small Margins) is not the same as the feature with the same name in the front panel of the printer nor in the Settings, Device Setup, Margins option in the EWS. This can cause confusion as users believe both should behave in the same way.
This setting in the ‘Information’ tab of the EWS overwrites the job logical margins to zero, this functionality was provided for backward compatibility with old PS drivers, but does not refer to the printout margins.
Page size
The page size defines the paper area where the job will be printed including margins (logical or physical).
Small Margins set in the Embedded Web Server:
This setting allows you to force the job’s logical margins to zero. The job will be printed with the minimum physical margins that the printer can support. Setting this option is useful for preventing a job from being clipped when it was generated with margins smaller than the physical ones, but also to obtain an imaged area equal to the page size, this may be useful in some situations.
Small Margins set in the Front Panel:
The printer margins determine the printable area of the page that can be used by the printing application. There are three margin options that can be selected from the page format menu: normal, extended and smaller.
The smaller margins option is recommended only for CAD line drawings. If this option is used for other purposes, there is a risk of:
  • A printhead crash, which may damage the printing material and perhaps also the printhead.
  • Heavy spray on the center platen, which the user will have to clean if used frequently.